The dog

September 25, 2009 § 2 Comments

We were walking home with a friend last night and after turning the corner to head to our place, the dog from the yellow house (they just moved in a couple of months ago) ran toward us. My friend, M, kept cool, while I was feeling so threatened and scared. I had baby brother asleep on my back and this was the same dog who had scared bilingual baby a couple of months ago. Her scare got her to think that she doesn’t like any dogs and we have to ask friends to hide their dogs when we come over- and they’ve been great about it. Last night, however, even with the owner of the dog standing at his door, it was as if the dog was in the wild. I kept looking back, worried that the dog would jump on my little baby boy or that bilingual baby would catch wind of this and start freaking out- which she didn’t. Luckily she was on bilingual papi’s shoulders several feet ahead.

I can’t seem to convey the fear that went through my body. The fear kept the real question out of reach, until M voiced it: Why didn’t the dog’s owner reel him in? Or more importantly: Is this guy out of his mind?

I think the whole house needs an intervention- I’ve heard stuff as we’ve walked by but never wanted to get involved as I am always at home and always with my two little kids. To protect them, I’ve stayed out of it all. It does concern me that this dog, especially when the owner is outside, becomes more crazed. Bilingual papi remembered later on that something similar, however less stressful, happened on another night when he was out with bilingual baby.

I’m thinking about complaining to the police, but I’m going to take M’s advice and swing by the station someday instead of call.



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