My own personal trainer

September 21, 2009 § Leave a comment

A personal trainer here in the Central Vermont area, Richarda Ericson, and I did a trade. Lucky me! I did some t-shirt alterations (which I should photograph sometime) for a personal workout that she organized for me based on the things I already do plus she created two personalized workouts for me to do through the week. She showed me the different exercises and gave me a calendar for the month of September with the different activities I would do.

How am I doing?

I haven’t been able to do either of her two personalized workouts but I have noticed how much I already do during the week. I do want to get to the workouts as they are tailored and focus on areas I don’t feel as strong. They’re also strength training in nature which boost your metabolism far more than just doing cardio. I have been wearing both kids at the same time while going for hikes and hilly walks so I know I’m getting more than just cardio but, again, I liked the exercises when Richarda showed them to me so I know I’m going to like the workouts. It all boils down to making time for this stuff. I make time for sewing. Now I need to make time for a workout. It can’t be that hard.

I’ve been sending Richarda weekly emails to let her know how I’m doing. She’s been supporting me so much through this process. She’s awesome! She started Illume Fitness with her sister and she offers local classes which everyone loves. If you live in the area and you want something that fits your needs, get in touch with Richarda. You’ll love the process!


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