How do we show respect for kids?

September 10, 2009 § 1 Comment

I was all ready with an entry on the most recent developments going on in our family. Seconds after finishing a brilliant post (hehe), I decided against clicking the Publish button. I’m entering a time (that’ll probably never end) where I avoid sharing a bunch of stuff on bilingual baby in order to preserve her dignity. This is why I’ve been so silent lately. I just can’t bring myself to point out the minute, yet challenging, parts of my days. With some of my friends, I can share, vent, pour it all out. Mostly, it’s just too emotionally charged to keep remembering what’s so difficult in my life and keep everyone posted on how it’s going. See, if I tell one person who I may not get a chance to talk to but once a month, per se, that I’m having X challenge, when I see them again, that difficulty may be so far from the current reality that it’ll seem laughable.

In light of that, and the fact that I haven’t posted anything new in my etsy shop, I’ll leave you with the following words:

What shall atone for the sufferings and grief of mothers who have so tenderly cared for their sons? What sleepless nights they have spent, and what days of devotion and love they have given to bring their children into maturity!


**Note: This quote is a translation and therefore where it says, “sons”, the intended meaning is sons and daughters.


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