Baby brother turned ONE!

August 31, 2009 § 1 Comment

It was bound to happen and it happened this weekend. I don’t think I’ve thoroughly processed this thought. A friend came over and brought over Agar Jelly (aka Kanten jelly, Japanese jelly, etc). It’s made from Agar Agar flakes, a derivative of seaweed. “Like ordinary gelatin, agar is flavorless and becomes gelatinous when it’s dissolved in water, heated, and then cooled.   Agar, though, gels more firmly than gelatin, and it sets and melts at a higher temperature–it can even set at room temperature.  Agar, like gelatin, is full of protein (though incomplete), but it also contains the rich array of minerals one would expect from seaweed.” (Cooks Thesaurus) She mixed in some fruit and it was so delicious! It’s vegan so it supported my return to dairy-free life.


We were thinking of having a party in his honor but I kept putting off the preparations. It was nice to have our family and one neighbor. Sort of what we did for bilingual baby’s first birthday. Nothing big, just us and one friend.

My interest in Macrobiotics is increasing. It’s interesting to find a way of eating so close to the way we eat in Colombia. Grains, beans, veggies. A good friend loaned me a book called Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition by Paul Pitchford. Pitchford provides food remedies, or ways to treat body imbalances with food. I’d love to have the Spanish version.

My neighbor is really into the macrobiotic thing and I’ve learned a lot from her. It is very intuitive for me, having lived on rice and lentils as a kid. Some of the things that are different for me are the sweets. Fruits are left to be eaten 2-3 times a week. It makes more sense that we would do that in Vermont since so few fruits grow naturally here. However, in Colombia, fruit grows year round and it’s all local! I definitely haven’t cut out my fruit habit (sounds pretty lame to be cutting down my fruit habit) but maybe someday. First I need to find more ways to cook kale, since it grows so easily in this area.

More next on my sad tomato plants. They, along with everyone else’s tomato plants, got hit by some airborne thing and now the tomatos are rotten, the leaves are brown and falling off and overall it just looks sad. I’m wondering if I should pull it out of the ground to give more room for the kale, beets and few carrots. I’m also planning for next year already, seeing that the amount of sun on the side patch is lacking much more than I had anticipated.


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  • nancy says:

    I like kale, potato and chicken stock in a soup. You could also add white beans. Ive been making yummy chocolate muffins with beets. THe recipe has 2 cups of pureed beets, which is a good amount! The Farmer John cookbook is really good. They have a delicious corn fritter recipe that tastes great with salsa on top…not to rub in your tomato-less status… 🙂

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