Room enough

August 16, 2009 § 7 Comments

I feel like I’m approaching my blog in a slightly different way theses days. On one hand, I just don’t blog with the voracity I used to have but why should I? My little baby boy is walking and I can’t stop watching him explore. For instance, over the last couple of days he’s figured out that the same skill he uses to get off the bed (feet first) works in other situations as well. He’s using this new skill to cross over the rim of the sliding glass door, get from the porch to the grass and even climb down one step of our stairs! He just figures this stuff out on his own. It’s very cool. As an aside, he’s such an independent walker, too. He doesn’t want all the hand holding I remember providing for other kids (my older one included). So much seems to happen in one day that when I get time to blog I have no idea where to start.

I have had one thing on my mind and I’ve wanted to share it with those of you who have followed my journey as a mom. For you, here is my story:

During the first couple of days of being in California, we stayed at my sister’s house. She had a conference to go to that week so my parents were there watching her two kids (5 and 7 months). This was my first time meeting the 7 month old. He is such a little cutie. In talking with my sister our first evening, she revealed to me that she was feeling at odds with this conference because she didn’t have time to pump. She’d been pumping at work until summer hit and she could be at home and nurse all day. Since this conference, she’d been giving her little boy some formula and she wasn’t sure what to do. I eagerly offered to express some breastmilk to give to him instead of the formula- not so much because I disagree with giving formula but mostly because I was there and I was more than willing. She then revealed to me that she was hoping I’d offer. We were on the same page. The next day I called her to ask where her pump was since I had forgotten to ask for it the night before. By this point, all I was nervous about was my parent’s reaction to my pumping for my nephew. On the phone, my sister was explaining to me how to reassemble the pump which I was instructed to sterilize first. What a pain, I thought. Can’t I just nurse him? I asked and she said it was fine and that she hadn’t even figured I’d go for the pumping to begin with. Again, same page. My nephew was fussing for food. Since I was nervous about how my family would react, I decided to hand express some milk. My kids thought it was an early buffet and came over to help themselves. Very funny. Then my mom told me that in the southern part of the United States, where some of her family is from, the concept of a wet nurse is very common. My dad then saw me doing my best at hand expressing and didn’t say a word. He didn’t even make a face. After talking with my mom a bit more about wet nurses in the south, I told her that my sister had okayed me to nurse her son. So, with my parent’s approval, I picked up my nephew and cradled him close to me and began to nurse him. He wasn’t too sure of it at first. He kept looking at me, nursing and coming off. Baby brother kept coming over to see what I was doing. What little baby did I have in my arms? He was curious. (Not jealous.) And he wanted to join in like bilingual baby had joined in when he was nursing (which I haven’t done in months). By the second nursing, my nephew was part of the nursing team. He was soon falling asleep as I nursed him in my arms, in the chair his mama nursed him in on most days. I ended up nursing him during the day for 2 days and will never forget the experience. I feel so close to him, as if my heart had expanded by nursing him.


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