Letters to a toddler

August 13, 2009 § 1 Comment

Bilingual baby is getting into this book that we’ve had since before she was born called The Jolly Postman. The pages of the book are formed like large envelopes and each envelope/page has a letter to a fairy tale character. Cinderella, for instance, gets a letter from a publisher along with a book which is the story of how she met HRH Prince Charming. Bilingual baby likes going out to get the mail and we usually spend quite a while playing at our mail box. Also, she’s converted one of our night stands into a mail box for herself and baby brother. Now, with the letters from this book, she’s actually got some actual mail to stuff into the night stand.

Lucky me, I saw this entry into SouleMama’s blog showing a page from her new book. She made a letter satchel for her kid. How cute to make these for the kids but I’ll probably go with buttons or velcro insead of a snap.

News from the front: Baby brother is now walking. He started walking on my birthday (August 3rd) and hasn’t gone back. He’s loving his new skill. I am, too.

A note about my choice of link to the Jolly Postman. I get tired of linking to amazon and wanted to go for something else. This link also takes you to some more activities you could do with an older child that’ll enrich (as they put it) the reading and comprehension of the book and its themes. My kids are way to young for these little lessons and I’d only do them if I felt it went along with their interests. For now, we’ll just stick to the toddler activities of putting the letters in the envelopes and taking them out to read (I mean, skim) their message. Have fun!



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