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July 13, 2009 § 1 Comment

If you visit this blog through a feed reader, let me point out a new page those of you who don’t use a feed reader see at the top of the page. It’s a page with some information about the podeagi’s I make and sell. So, if you’re up to it, swing by the tiny mouse podeagi page and let me know how it looks. I’ve uploaded my how-to brochure so you can see how it is that this thing works.

I’ve got two pods at Bebop Baby Shop in Essex Jct, here in Vermont, and I think the biggest confusion is how on earth it works. I’m getting geared up to do some youtube how-to’s. Stay tuned. I’ll also be doing something at Bebop to promote and demo my carrier. That should be sometime soon. Our babywearing group turns one year in August so we’ll be celebrating that here, too.

In other news, International Babywearing Week is coming up earlier this year. Last year it was in November. This year it’s from September 21-28. I thought I was going to get a head start on the planning this year but it looks like I’ll have just a tiny bit more time to organize than I did last year. Still should be fun. Plus, I think more people are aware of it and it’ll be great! More on that later.


big decisions for tiny mouse

July 7, 2009 § 1 Comment

I’m having a hard time holding back on my business. I suppose that’s not a bad trait when trying to start up a business, right? I am trying to stay realistic, having two little kids to take care of while getting this business up and running. Last night I spent some time staring at websites that led me to think that I wanted to submit my name to the Vermont Secretary of State and become an LLC or some other form of corporation. On the other hand, I could just stick with my etsy store and the work I’m getting locally and come back to this thought later on.

Over the 4th of July weekend, I met a pregnant woman who, once she found out I was the Montpelier mom who makes carriers, called me “the sling lady”! I am so tickled by this. She heard about me from one of our friends (who by the way didn’t call me the sling lady, hehe) who was telling her about the babywearing group I run. This pregnant woman wants me to make a pouch for her- probably out of fabric from repodepot. I went online to repodepot to drool some. I didn’t know they have scrap bags! I’ve also been drooling over the fabric on Harmony Susalla’s website, Harmony Art. I’ve been thinking about putting in a wholesle order with Harmony Art but still haven’t put my mind to it. It’s all organic cotton and the prints are really beautiful.

This friend of mine who was helping me promote the babywearing group, overheard a woman, on the day of our parade, saying (while looking at me with baby brother in the pod), “that’s the new carrier… I really want to get one.” Well. Well. Again, I’m tickled.

But back to my dilemma…

I’ve been doing some alterations and repairs for people locally and am starting to get more interest in my pods but should I take it really slow? I could just stick to etsy and the word of mouth thing and see where it takes me.

No matter what new steps I take, I am now a WAHM (work at home mom)- a new title for me!

Giving advice on a Sunday

July 5, 2009 § 5 Comments

The strangest thing happened to me at the co-op today. We were out doing the family grocery shopping when a woman came up to me out of the blue and asked me if I used sunscreen on baby brother. At first I thought she wanted product suggestions but then she started telling me about how she and her boyfriend had a fight over sunscreen. The boyfriend had put sunscreen on the baby while they were out in the sun and the mother got mad that he had used adult sunscreen. Honestly, it’s never about sunscreen, or whatever the couple is fighting about. This fight is probably about something else and she wants me involved. However, I didn’t get that she wanted me as involved as it turned out. Initially, I took her over to the sunscreen section and pointed out the kind that we use, Badger 30+. She asked me why I didn’t use sunscreen on a little baby and I told her that I’m not convinced that the products out there won’t harm a child under 1 year. I told her that I will start using the Badger stuff when my little boy turns one (or around that time) and that until then I cover his skin and limit sun exposure. I also use the hats that have some UV protection.

Then came the awkward part. She asked me to go over to her boyfriend and tell him what I had told her.

Let’s recap. I’m standing there filling up my bottle of bulk liquid soap. I’m approached by a stranger who asks me about sunscreen. I’m told this story about a disagreement and then asked to back her up. Right then and there.

I told her that everyone has different views and these are just mine, all the while I’m floored by the request. I have no background in social work or marital disputes so you can imagine that I’m feeling quite inadequate. I’m a dancer and an actor by training. Later, when I’m retelling what happened to bilingual papi, I realize that she was basically asking me to be the I-told-you-so to her boyfriend. Or at least that’s what came across.

I did end up going over and meeting her boyfriend. His side, which he was upfront about, was that the baby had been teething and was overall uncomfortable and that a sunburn on top of that would have been more than he wanted to put upon her. When I heard that, I turned to the mom and said, “there are many sides to this”. I wasn’t eager to be in the middle of this argument nor for that argument to land on my lap. I suggested the product that the co-op sells, told them about the hats with UV protection, and wished them luck in their sunscreen choice.

Obviously, this family needs support. Now I wish I would have taken down their names and offer them a home visit through Good Beginnings or the Family Center. But… would that have been the best thing to do?

I’ve gotta ask you: In the event that something like that happens again to me, what should I do?

on being productive

July 2, 2009 § 2 Comments

Transitioning from being in the working world to staying at home with kids being productive takes on a whole new look. Before having kids, I felt like I had to look (or be) productive during my entire work day. I even had a boss in college who told us to look productive when another one of the librarians would walk by… I liked that boss. She was honest and took your side when she knew you were right.

A productive day now may include being quiet, being still, sleeping, waking up, nursing, washing one load of clothing (and potentially drying, but not folding. that’s for another day), and maybe playing sewing with myself. Computering doesn’t count as being productive to me unless I’m emailing about the things I sew and am talking to a client.

Waiting never seemed that productive but now it’s part of the day. I know I don’t clean as much as some would like or fold clothing during the day. I sometimes wish I would. Then, I’d feel very productive. Putting in clothing to wash makes me feel very productive while taking a nap during a rough day feels lazy. I shouldn’t feel that way cos I know I need the rest. Though you do hear other moms say that they got all this stuff done while the kids were napping.

I don’t. I do fun things if the kids are both napping. I deserve it and so do you. My two cents: Next time your kid(s) are napping, do something you like to do. Leave the dishes and the laundry and the sweeping and vacuuming for when the kids are awake and they want the entertainment.

Gotta run. I only have one kid asleep and the other one (the more mobile one) is pulling on my legs.

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