…and why can’t I make up my mind?

June 5, 2009 § Leave a comment

I suppose that’s what I have this blog for: the back and forth. I talked again with the friend whom I ‘made the costume for and she made some suggestions that make me change my plan for tonight. She suggested that if I was going to change the price after tonight that I should leave the price change at no more than $20. She agreed that $85 was a fit price and, in unison with another friend (we were having our sewing circle), suggested that I have a month-long sale. In essence, the pods will be $65 for all of June. People might not be too quick to decide if they want a podeagi tonight and I shouldn’t have a price so low that they feel pressured either way.

The other piece of advice from my other friend was that whatever I got for the podeagi’s should be enough to deal with parting with it. In my case, I’m loving every single pod I’ve made and I want to keep each one. That’s what she did when she sold quilts, which I can imagine getting pretty attached to.

So, any other suggestions I should consider? I should talk to my mil who has been in marketing for a long time… she’d probably have some pointers.

After tonight, I’m resting! I think I’ve got sewing shoulder, if there is such a thing. My shoulder was hurting yesterday and I think I slept on it funky the other night. I changed which side baby brother was on and that’s been helping. If you’re wondering whether it’s all the babywearing, I’ll offer you two thing: 1. yes. I’ve considered that it might be due in part to the babywearing but I’m not convinced; 2. bilingual papi already asked that question. The one thing that has been different in the last couple of weeks is that I’ve had deadlines. Again, after tonight, I’m resting. I’m also going to have a professional take a look at my arm and help me out.

I’ll keep you all posted on how tonight goes. I’ve got my how-to brochures and my business cards, the toys, and the podeagis I’m going to sell. Wish me luck!


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