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May 28, 2009 § 4 Comments

In between doing a bunch of sewing I’ve been checking craigslist for outdoor toys for bilingual baby. She’s been hanging out with a couple of older kids (6/7 year olds) and one of them has a bike so of course she wants a bike, too. So, I check online and I check local listings and I start to get an itch to buy her other toys.

How much fun would she have (not to speak for baby brother) with a sandbox? or some sort of water table (though she does play that she’s washing dishes so I guess that’s taken care of)? or a ride on toy? or one of those cars that you can get in and out of? and what about a tricycle? Would she even use it at this stage? do we wait until next year for a trike? would a ride on where she just pushes herself be enough? do we get a picnic bench so we can eat outside?

Where does this end? Am I just trying to make up for my lack of patience as bilingual baby and baby brother go through their parallel growth spurts/developmental stages? Am I getting sucked into the marketing ploys that attack parents and grandparents and their kids? Or do I stop worrying so much and just buy a little toy for them to play with?

Does bilingual baby even need another toy? Well, I could argue that she has no outdoor toys so getting her a ride on or a sandbox would not be adding to our indoor toys. When she’s outside she enjoys playing in the dirt, which is fun and exciting for me- except that I don’t think my catnip is going to grow because of it. argh. Will a sandbox keep her from enjoying what’s growing in nature? See, she likes to go around and look at plants and flowers and we got a perennials guide book and an herb guide book and have been looking through them finding the plants we have around our place.

We all have our limits, I find. One person would never use plastic toys but has no issue with television; another won’t do wheat or dairy but has no issue with eating dirt; another would never let their kids eat dirt but has no issue with plastic toys. Once again, I ask, where does this end? On one hand, I can only guess that these decisions or rather the chance for choice never ends and the options only increase as kids get older. In the future, I’ll ask myself if bilingual baby can have a slumber party with a good friend whose parent smokes; or if she can go on a long walk by herself.  I have the option of taking every decision very very seriously. I can also take every decision lightly and appear to never worry. I’d like to try a middle ground, finding peace with the things that I have tolerance for and the things I don’t.

I have some money to work with here but not a ton so I have the option to buy something. If I had no money I wouldn’t even bother looking. However, I don’t want to buy everything under the sun just so they have toys outside (since the plastic route might last longer and be cheaper). For now, I’m gonna keep sleeping on it and waiting for yard sales and such… plus, I need to get back to the costume that’s due tomorrow.


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  • jackie says:

    I got caught up in kijiji and outdoor toys, and we really do have more plastic than I planned….

  • Nicole says:

    We bought the plastic toys from the landlady when she retired from daycare. Chloe loves the slide and sits and drinks her juice in the big slide/fort thing, but she plays in the sand box the most. Unfortunately for us, that’s made of wood and is a permaneant (sp?) fixture here. She still goes around to check out the dandelions and lilacs though, so I wouldn’t worry about it taking away from nature. 😉

  • Leila says:

    @ Jackie: I know what you mean about the plastic.

    @Nicole: pretty cool that you could buy them off of her… and I’m sure Julieta would be the same as Chloe- it’s in kid’s nature to love the outdoors, right?

  • QueenHoneyB says:

    It’s sooo easy to get caught up in worrying and/or obsessing about things when you are a parent. I do it all the time, about toys and other things as well. I agree that getting a sandbox will not take away from exploring nature. We had a huge backyard and a garden when we were kids and always had a sandbox as well. They are quite different and we still spent tons of time playing with plants, dirt, etc. The sandbox was more fun for making caves for our little plastic toys, making castles with moats, etc. Right now we have such a teeny “yard” in front of our house that we won’t be facing this issue until we move back to the US. For now she has a swing and a tricycle which were both bought second hand. She can’t ride the tricyle by herself yet, but it has a handle for us to push and she likes taking rides around the block.

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