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May 28, 2009 § 4 Comments

In between doing a bunch of sewing I’ve been checking craigslist for outdoor toys for bilingual baby. She’s been hanging out with a couple of older kids (6/7 year olds) and one of them has a bike so of course she wants a bike, too. So, I check online and I check local listings and I start to get an itch to buy her other toys.

How much fun would she have (not to speak for baby brother) with a sandbox? or some sort of water table (though she does play that she’s washing dishes so I guess that’s taken care of)? or a ride on toy? or one of those cars that you can get in and out of? and what about a tricycle? Would she even use it at this stage? do we wait until next year for a trike? would a ride on where she just pushes herself be enough? do we get a picnic bench so we can eat outside?

Where does this end? Am I just trying to make up for my lack of patience as bilingual baby and baby brother go through their parallel growth spurts/developmental stages? Am I getting sucked into the marketing ploys that attack parents and grandparents and their kids? Or do I stop worrying so much and just buy a little toy for them to play with?

Does bilingual baby even need another toy? Well, I could argue that she has no outdoor toys so getting her a ride on or a sandbox would not be adding to our indoor toys. When she’s outside she enjoys playing in the dirt, which is fun and exciting for me- except that I don’t think my catnip is going to grow because of it. argh. Will a sandbox keep her from enjoying what’s growing in nature? See, she likes to go around and look at plants and flowers and we got a perennials guide book and an herb guide book and have been looking through them finding the plants we have around our place.

We all have our limits, I find. One person would never use plastic toys but has no issue with television; another won’t do wheat or dairy but has no issue with eating dirt; another would never let their kids eat dirt but has no issue with plastic toys. Once again, I ask, where does this end? On one hand, I can only guess that these decisions or rather the chance for choice never ends and the options only increase as kids get older. In the future, I’ll ask myself if bilingual baby can have a slumber party with a good friend whose parent smokes; or if she can go on a long walk by herself.  I have the option of taking every decision very very seriously. I can also take every decision lightly and appear to never worry. I’d like to try a middle ground, finding peace with the things that I have tolerance for and the things I don’t.

I have some money to work with here but not a ton so I have the option to buy something. If I had no money I wouldn’t even bother looking. However, I don’t want to buy everything under the sun just so they have toys outside (since the plastic route might last longer and be cheaper). For now, I’m gonna keep sleeping on it and waiting for yard sales and such… plus, I need to get back to the costume that’s due tomorrow.


bilingual theories in book form

May 26, 2009 § 3 Comments

I started reading Raising a bilingual child by Barbara Zurer Pearson and I have to say I feel like a statistic as well as some sort of model citizen of a Utopian society. The author brings up all these wonderful things about bilingual children and how they have an advantage in adulthood and well, I don’t usually feel this smart. hehe.

It does bring up some choices I’ve still yet to come to terms with, like speaking in Spanish in front of others- some people just seem to get itchy and nervous that I’m talking about them and seem to think that that would be the only reason to need another language. I’ve been asked to do a toddler Spanish class and have thought about it but right now with two sewing deadlines, I can’t quite think of anything else.

The garden is coming along, with the lettuce, spinach, beet greens and fennel peeking through. Very exciting! We usually walk around the gardens several times during the day and we’re learning more names of plants and flowers.

Baby brother has started eating some table food. Despite his eagerness, he doesn’t like most of what he gets in his mouth. hehe. He tried to stand all day and is starting to find the kitchen cupboards interesting.

I’ve been losing sleep but enjoying every minute of my new video rental, Felicity. Buffy the vampire slayer was a great 7 seasons but I must confess that I was exhausted after the whole thing.

Estoy que caigo. Me voy a comer… o mejor dicho, me voy a cocinar algo sustantivo para la familia. Hasta la proxima.

Fixing Heavy Baby

May 17, 2009 § 7 Comments

Bilingual baby has been taking heavy baby on many adventures. At one point, I noticed that her neck was looking a little… detached. You can see in the original photo of heavy baby, that her head is cocked to the right (her right). Over time, the chin line slipped up toward the eye line. So, I decided to pull the head out from the body and retie everything. I retied the neck really tight- much tighter than the last time and I think that helped everything else. Here’s a picture of heavy baby after I finished her the first time:


Here’s a picture now that heavy baby has been fixed. Her head is much more compact and I think that makes her look more realistic. Also, bilingual baby requested eyes… so, she has embroidered eyes, too.

heavy baby repaired

Here is bilingual baby, clothed, wearing heavy baby in a wrap. Gotta love the sunshine!

wearing heavy baby

In reponse to my fan mail

May 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

Yesterday, I got an anonymous letter from someone whom I must know saying how something something they were about our kids playing outside naked (I’m too tired to recap). Today I don’t feel like defending myself and I don’t feel like attacking, either. It was kind of the same yesterday when I opened the letter. The one feeling that has prevailed is sadness. On all fronts. I’m mostly sad that this friend couldn’t just tell me in person. Were they afraid of confrontation? I’m probably way to tired to even attempt to be confrontational, even if I tried.

I’m wearing baby brother as he sleeps and bilingual baby is asleep in the stroller which is parked in the hallway. All I have energy for right now is the relief that both kids are asleep. I don’t even want to think about transferring either of them to bed because that hasn’t worked in the last week and bilingual papi is upstairs napping, too. Yes. Poor me! I would like a pity party in my honor. I’m drained emotionally, mentally, and physically. I don’t know who my friends are and I will now wonder if more of this kind of mail will come my way about other choices I’m making. Some say it’s karmic and that you are sent what you put out there. With all the difficult things that have happened to me (some of you know what I’m talking about) I can’t say that I agree. I’ll lay rest on a mindset of character building. The letter came to me to help build my character. How would I deal with something like this when I’m trying to deepen my friendships and avoid superficial encounters all the time? How would I deal with this being as tired as I am? … and so on.

One thing I have to say about this letter I received is that what she said doesn’t bother me much. It was the fact that she made the choice not to tell me in person. I’m sure she has her reasons. I’ve got mine, too.I guess it would have made me pretty defensive to have this friend make a comment while still playing outside. I did feel a little revengey-revengerton blogging about this as I think more people are lurking but … well, there you go. This is how I cope. The letter did make me want to curl up with bilingual baby and nurse her to her heart’s content, so if the anonymous author is reading this I give you a most heartfelt thank you.

Fan Mail

May 15, 2009 § 5 Comments

Okay, I didn’t actually get fan mail. What I got was a typed note (in papyrus, of all fonts) saying the following:


I didn’t feel comfortable saying this to you in person but I think it’s important anyway. My last few visits with you involved our kids playing naked in your house and yard. I don’t have a problem in the house but I felt so uncomfortable with my naked kid playing in the yard which is public and has a public street on it. Anybody can walk by and I don’t know who that anybody is. I truly wish I could be comfortable but we live in a world where others don’t make it so. I hope you understand that I want to protect my kid and want your kids to be safe too. Please think about it.

– A caring friend.

Can I brag here for a moment?

May 14, 2009 § 5 Comments

I’ve been feeling a whole lot better since the middle of last week. I can now support bilingual baby in her 2 year old needs. The whining of last week that made me climb the walls seems to have no (or little) effect on me this week. Hormones. Yes.

I got her to nap a couple of days this week- though not all. Yay. Stroller central. We’ve also been trying an experiment. Instead of trying a formal bedtime we’ll just stay downstairs with bilingual baby until she’s tired and falls asleep. Last night we all passed out at 10pm. There’s something in the air here at work. Or maybe it’s just the increased daylight.

Let me continue bragging. I made sushi! I may be the last person on the earth to realize how easy and economical it is to make your own sushi but hey whatcha gonna do. I employed the “one for me, one for the serving platter” mode which left me with very few pieces. hehe


Since planting the idea (many more gardening references to come) of selling podeagis, I’ve actually had 3 people say they would want to buy one from me. I got some tags made but they won’t arrive for like a month and a half. So, off to work I go. I’ve made two so far and one is in a box making its way to my sister in California.

Bilingual baby has consented to getting into a carrier here and there lately and I just love it. I actually got her and baby brother to go for a walk in carriers. Bilingual baby had been napping in the stroller and woke up but wanted to keep going and said yes to a back ride. Gotta love it.

pod with toddler

I have to say that she felt really light in the pod. I almost didn’t believe it. She’ll ask me to carry her in my arms when I’m cooking and my arms can’t hold her up for as long as she’d like.

Here are some of the things that I’ve overlooked while enjoying the pleasure of my kids company, our friends and sewing:

Vacuuming the upstairs

Promptly putting away the clean clothes (I’m a total college student when it comes to putting clean clothes away- I’ll wash and dry but leave the rest for bilingual papi and luckily he’s a good sport about it.)

Things I’ve learned about my toddler:

Do Not toast bread

and Do Not put anything on her bread

After peeling a tangerine, Do Not break apart the pieces

When brushing her teeth, have her play the role of some character (Pato and Pocoyo work these days) and ask that character what they had to eat so we can get all the food out with the toothbrush.

Follow the rule you use when there’s a fire: Stop. Drop. Roll. To spell it out: When you’re feeling that things are unmanageable, stop what you’re doing, drop everything including expectations and roll with the punches. (If that doesn’t work, have someone watch your kid(s) and go for a jog or a pedicure.)

I should lose (almost) every battle of the wills. We get more pleasure that way.

Roman Costume: Help!

May 11, 2009 § 4 Comments

I’ve been asked by a good friend to make her son a costume for his birthday coming up at the end of the month. I’m wondering if you all can give me some ideas. Here’s a picture of what he would like (though he doesn’t know I’m making him a costume):


Sorry for the blurr. I’m figuring I’ll have an easy time making him a white tunic but it’s the armour or chest plate that I’m wondering about. He’d really like this design and I’d like to make it happen. How would you get this design on fabric? What kind of fabric would you use? He really likes the gold…

This is such a fun project.

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