My first Garden

April 27, 2009 § 2 Comments

Here I go. I’m planting my first veggies ever. I’ve got all the support and expertise a girl would want. I going to plant lettuce and spinach in the area below. I’m also going to add some fennel, echinacea, catnip and chamomile.


I’m also going to plant carrots, beets, squash and cucumbers in the area seen in the picture below. Though I may add my seeds to my neighbors patch. They have had pity on me and don’t want me to break my back trying to make this area into a viable growing ground. Right now it’s really sandy and would take heaps and heaps of compost.


I’m still in planning phase and prep phase. I have to get my bootie in gear so that I won’t miss the planting phase.


Nurse, nurse, wean, nurse, nurse, wean

April 23, 2009 § 1 Comment

I’ve been in a loop in my head wondering how to word this. It’s nothing bad but it is a touchy subject.

I’m night-weaning bilingual baby.

Bilingual papi told me that I have a tendency toward the delayed lead so I wanted to put it upfront. It may also be because I’m coming to terms with it. I’m dealing.

Why would I night-wean a 28 month old?

I’ve come so far with nursing bilingual baby. Why stop now? I was getting angry and annoyed but I was having a hard time even thinking about weaning. One night, after having progressed from tricky to plain unbearable, I wondered why I could nurse her during the day just fine but got all worked up at night. That was when I figured out that I could partially wean her and still continue nursing her. It would be the best of both worlds.

Why at night?

Most of my friends have already weaned their 2 year olds but a couple of friends still nurse. What’s interesting is that they’re aiming for a daytime wean, though they still nurse at night. Maybe it’s because I’m nursing a baby at night as well (or was) or maybe it’s because I got my period and am potentially ovulating (all I know is that I’m PMSy to da max!). It could be a variety pack of things. All I know now is that even though it takes a day and half to get bilingual baby down for a nap and bedtime, I feel at peace with the move.

Also, during the day, I can distract myself a lot easier than at night. At night, there’s nothing to look at; no book to read; no baby to enjoy watching.

What do I tell bilingual baby?

She can nurse when we’re downstairs but not upstairs. It made more sense to me that way since I was also nap weaning.

How did she cope?

This is a person who needs to nurse. More than anything. She needs to nurse. I don’t buy into the philosophy that a toddler doesn’t need it, even if she doesn’t aim for the milk. This is coming from the mother of a toddler who, before the night-weaning, would cry this unbearable cry in the middle of the night because she wanted to nurse. As you can imagine, at first it was really hard. This time, different from any of my nursing breaks, it was hard but also necessary for me. At other times I’d just say I could get through it and I did. Those times were really hard but not as hard as it was before this night weaning.

What do I do when she asks to nurse upstairs?

I gently remind her that we nurse downstairs on the sofa but that upstairs we do cuddles and hugs and kisses and snuggles. She likes asking me which I want first and which one I really like. It’s pretty cute. After 2 weeks of beginning the night wean, she still asks to nurse upstairs and I’ve only broken with my decision once.

Reasons to step back from a night wean

Bilingual baby ran a nice healthy fever for a couple of nights and when I reached over and felt her little body warm despite being uncovered, I offered to nurse her when she stirred in the middle of the night.

I also offered to nurse when the “nene” next to her was really full. I’d rather be inconsistent than get mastitis again. (Four times is enough.)

I nursed bilingual baby to sleep the other night. We were downstairs on the sofa, so logically it was still within our partial wean. She didn’t get a nap in and was getting sick so I figured I could save everyone a headache and ease her into sleep in a comforting way. It worked. She was out within 3 minutes.

In short, this upstairs wean, cos it’s not really a night wean, is working out for the best. For my best. I really tried everything in me to keep from an early wean (early for her) and got through quite a few road bumps during the night.

Nursing two can bring on the challenges but I feel so strongly about doing it. Like I said in my earlier post about tandeming, I can’t expect everyone to understand- that’s a lot to expect. It’s not a common practice. It’s like someone expecting me to understand the life of a single mom. How could I ever understand? Or even have a reaction that would be acceptable and nurturing to a single mom?

I can’t believe I’ve tandem nursed for almost 8 months. I remember thinking I’d only last 3 months. I have to say it is easier to see the challenges than the easy days. I take my tandem nursing one day at a time.

Babywearing group gets business cards!

April 22, 2009 § 1 Comment


After hearing about how many times group members had found themselves sharing information about the babywearing group, I finally got some business cards to make it easier to spread the word.

I’ve been keeping cards in my jacket pockets and have indeed given a couple away. Yay!

Babywearing family (with dolls)

April 22, 2009 § 1 Comment


Here’s a picture from a March visit from Nona Terre and Grandpa. Guess who got them all suited up in babywearing gear?

Bilingual Baby is bilingual

April 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

Bilingual baby, nearing 2 and a half, is showing her understanding of English and Spanish. She uses a lot of English, which doesn’t surprise me because of where we live. I don’t know many bilingual families here and Spanish is not commonly heard around town. Not the way you’d hear it in the town my parents live in (in California).

It’s neat to see her using words in Spanish with me and English with her Papi. She’s starting to request that books be read in Spanish, even when they are written in English. Go mama translator, go! She is getting into singing songs now, too, and knows a couple in English and a couple in Spanish. She’s listening to Canticuentos, which is what I listened to when I was little, and picking up some of the songs.

We are not following the “one parent, one language” approach specifically. I speak Spanish to the kids when it’s just us but when there are friends who I think might feel excluded by me talking in Spanish then I use English- even when speaking to bilingual baby. Baby brother gets Spanish from me no matter what at this point. I’ve been in situations where bilingual baby has disagreed with another kid. Those are the kind of situations where I feel it necessary for the other mother to understand what I’m saying to my daughter. If I don’t want anyone to know what I’m telling her or the situation really doesn’t warrant everyone understanding then I use Spanish with her.

So complex, you know?

The other day I was playing with baby brother and was saying, “te pille” which loosly translates to “I caught you”. Bilingual baby understood me to say, “cepille”, which means “to brush”.

Well. It was funny to me. In essence, my life doesn’t translate either.

The things we say

April 16, 2009 § 2 Comments

I don’t know why this happens to me. Sometimes I just say the weirdest things! Take yesterday. I was talking to someone who I really like and all of a sudden- WHAM! I say something really strange, though potentially fitting the subject. I feel sorry for the people that are around me when I spew out this rubbish. I don’t mean theories. I mean phrases and words that are weird.

Luckily people are kind enough to overlook that when it happens… or so I hope.

New Podeagi- new style

April 14, 2009 § 6 Comments

Here are a couple of photos of the new Podeagi I just finished. I had this fabric lying around waiting to be made into something spectacular.

This is a different style Podeagi. The body is narrower and lightly padded (and quilted) and I added padding to the straps. The fabric I had for the straps wasn’t going to be long enough so I added some of the print fabric to the end of the straps and I think it adds a nice touch. The padding is very minimal but still very nice.

I had a chance over the weekend to pick up some fabric. What I came home with is fabric for 6 new Podeagis- two of each fabric combo. Can you say reversible Pod? Click on the swatches to see them up close. One of these Pods is going to my sister who has a 4 month old. The other may go to another friend with a 1 year old- but it’s her call if she thinks it’s something she will use.




The big surprise is that I’m finally opening an Etsy store. I’ll link up when I’ve got something there- say a couple of Podeagis… but it’ll be bilingualbaby at etsy if you want to go look.

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