He’s starting to crawl

March 24, 2009 § 2 Comments

I’ve seen it before, with bilingual baby and her friends. The excitement is still genuine. Two nights ago, my little boy was on the floor playing when he saw something out of reach. He started with his usual turning in a circle routine only to be followed by a little shimmy that helped him move a couple of inches closer to his desired toy. I got so excited. I was excited for him and his new experience and couldn’t help but stop what bilingual baby was doing to point out what her baby brother was accomplishing. He looked up at us as if we were nuts but kept moving; hand, foot, knee, knee, foot, hand.

I studied movement and was so immersed in small motion and where it comes from that I could totally nerd out on everyone with Labanotation drawings and descriptions that could archive baby brother’s beginning moves but I will spare you and keep them to myself.

For the record, and this is due to my background and interest in movement, his moves are “whole” in a way bilingual baby’s weren’t. I can’t help but compare and enjoy their differences.



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