Hiatus is now over

March 23, 2009 § 4 Comments

I think it’s safe to say that my blogging hiatus is over. Last week, with its wonderful warmth, was just the initiative I needed. All that vitamin D absorbed affected just the right parts of me and did its dutiful job. I’m in full creative mode. Every time a the sun streams into our living room I find another idea brewing in me and pull out materials for its execution.

On ocassion during this last week, I have gone to wash my hands and been dumb struck by the person in the mirror, looking back at me, shell shock. So it’s also safe to say that despite my productivity I’m still adjusting to having two kids. I figure at some point I’ll arrive at the new normal (chime in, please). I recall feeling the new normal settling in around crawling/walking with bilingual baby, which was just before her first birthday. I get the sense that it takes me longer than others (or so I’m lead to believe) to adjust to new motherhood. I think that, in light of that fact, having fall babies and heading into winter to hibernate with them is perfect for me. It gives me a chance to settle in. But, hey, that’s all I know. Perhaps if I had had winter babies and had a 2 month old in March I’d be saying that I love being able to walk around with my new baby, yadda yadda.

With my sewing machine nearing permanent removal from the room upstairs, I can see many sewing moments ahead. A moment is all I get sometimes. I sew one seam and attend to baby brother; one more stitch and serve food to bilingual baby. It breaks it up a bit but at least I get some sewing in during the day. See, once bedtime sets in, I am confined to bed with both kids. Granted that’s my choice and I welcome the rest but it still limits me. I just know, now from experience, that it doesn’t last long. What’s a year? If you had a job for only a year you’d be asked why you left so soon, right? That’s my perspective.

Spring projects:

Another podeagi

Family of knitted bunnies

Knitted wool wet bag

Small sewn bags (I’ll go into the details of this project as I’m excited about the design)

there’s more but now is my time to read with bilingual baby while baby brother is napping.


§ 4 Responses to Hiatus is now over

  • studentsoflife says:

    Can’t wait to see your projects as they progress. Right now I have to finish that first doll (birthday fast approaching) then I’ve decided to make a heavy baby for my little man and save the 12” friendship doll for later. There is also an upcycled spring coat in the works for the little man.

  • J.C says:

    Thought I’d pop over and see your blog, very cool! I can see now that my approach is like yours and it’s always nice to know you’re in good company while doing the best thing for your children 🙂 My little girl is just about 5 months old (wow its going so fast) and our eldest is 4.

  • megan says:

    That is something I’m interested in too.
    A baby in autumn.
    I didn’t want a floppy baby with the heat of summer and trying to breastfeed when all it wants to do is sleep…I want to snuggle.
    I know our house is warm enough so we should be fine inside (unlike when we had Ara and still living in a garage…getting chill blains in my hands and feet).
    We’ll also have water enough to keep up with all the washing but the down side is sun to dry any nappy’s oh well.
    Oh projects…so many I just don’t seem to have a mind like yours to focus just on one…so none get done.

    • Leila says:

      Living in Vermont, with the beautiful autumn, and my warmer body temperature due to nursing, it’s becoming a favorite season. That’s a lot coming form a girl who grew up so close to the Equator.

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