March 10, 2009 § 3 Comments

I’ve seen a bunch of play spaces that have inspired me to get bilingual baby’s (and soon little brother’s) spaces organized and, more significantly, streamlined. We used to just throw everything into a heap in a big basket on the floor. That was our clean up. It was quick but not that inspiring. I’ve heard from a bunch of friends that kids really love order and having a toy have its place can be very reassuring for them.

We’re still in the beginning stages of this and I still have to clear out everything from the big basket but this is a pretty good start. Mind you, this first effort only took place in our small living room so you can imagine the size of our toy heap at the end of the day. This should help with that. Thanks, Pixie for posting your pictures today. It really got me going. Plus, it’s been nice sunny, warm weather here which always inspires me to get moving.

This first picture is of her doll corner. The box is a place where she liked to tuck herself into and so it seemed only appropriate for me to include it in her house play area.


Right next to her dolls is her new book corner. I’ve been wanting to set up some of her books so she could actually see the cover and not just the spine for a while now. Instead of moaning over our lack of space and her desire to play with our nicer books I married the two and now she can place a book back on the shelf and still see what she’s got there. I also set up some blankets and pillows so she could cuddle up to read.


I also set up a kitchen corner and a music corner. Once I got her kitchen corner set up, I stood up and she grabbed my legs and hugging me said, “I love you, mami.” Wow. Guess I scored some toddler points!


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