It was fun. They got sick. I didn’t.

March 1, 2009 § 6 Comments

Today is the last day of Ayyam-i-Ha and tomorrow starts the Fast. The Baha’i Fast is comprised of 19 days where you abstain from food or water between sunrise and sunset. It’s a very special time and I love doing it. However, this year I won’t be fasting because I’m feeding my little boy. I’m sure next year I’ll be able to Fast since he’ll be eating more table food and I won’t be his only source of nutrition.

This year during Ayyam-i-Ha we had a sick little girl and a teething little boy. Bilingual baby got a fever and kept it all day. It didn’t go over 103 so I wasn’t too worried. I mean, she was sick. I love the fact that her new doctor and I see eye to eye on matters of health. When I called to ask for his advice on her fever and stuff his response was the following:

That sounds like a healthy fever. See, a fever is meant to make the body inhabitable to the virus. However, I want to know if the fever gets up to 104. (It never did.) I’d also like to know if things change or get worse.

He went on to give us this great tip on helping a feverish child get to sleep and bring down the fever so she could rest. You take a thin and a thick pair of socks. Wet the thin pair and put them on. Then, put the thicker (or wool) pair and put them over the damp pair and put the kid to bed. In the morning, her fever was gone and the damp pair of socks was completely dry. Pretty cool trick, huh? Now, a couple of days later, I can’t help but think that bringing down her fever has led her to get a cold. It’s nothing too uncomfortable for her and she doesn’t seem to be that bothered by it. When she had a fever, she asked to stay in bed all day and didn’t want to run around or tell me every single thought she was having.

The day after “fever day”, her little brother screamed in teething pain and slept in between the crying. Pretty draining for me. By that evening, I felt mastitis coming on again! It always happens. They get sick. They get better. I get sick. This time, since I have so much experience with it, I knew to take phyto lacca homeopathic remedy and put a couple of drops of chamomile roman on my breasts, take echinacea, drink lots of water and go to bed early. And VOILA I didn’t get mastitis and I still have energy! Pretty amazing. I’m proud of myself.

Now I can focus on getting back to sewing bilingual baby’s doll. Fun fun. I’ve got a couple of moms who came over last week to work on their dolls for their kids. Nice sewing circle starting here. We’ll meet again in a fortnight and then when we’re done with the doll we’re just going to keep doing crafty projects together. I like it.

So, winter’s not over yet but we seem to be managing fairly well.


§ 6 Responses to It was fun. They got sick. I didn’t.

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  • Megan says:

    “…to run around or tell me every single thought she was having..”
    Dave is just having a hard time with this with Ara…me I still do but I tend to get over it.

  • mudspice says:

    You know, I was just thinking to myself, I wish I had some other great Baha’i mom blogs to read. And voila, I found yours. Well, actually, it found me, because I got a pingback onto my blog from the Baha’i Wonderful. I’m so looking forward to reading more from your blog. Incidently, Honey (Zerbert) is good friends with my parents, who live in Malaysia, and I met her last time we were there and have been keeping up on her blog. And Husayn (by turns) and I did a teaching project in S. Dakota eons and eons and eons ago! Small world. I saw that you grew up in Columbia. My husband is from Venezuela and seems to know everyone from down in those parts from conferences and such. Chris Adlparvar. Maybe you know him.

    I just added you onto my Google Reader. Here’s my blog:

    Nice to “meet” you!

  • mudspice says:

    Oh, I just thought that you might like my sister’s blog too:

  • Isil says:

    Good that you managed to boost your immune system this time around.Hooray!
    Hope BB is on the mend now.

  • You know what, you’ll soon be the world’s expert on mastitis, delighted you beat it again! And hope BB is better soon, and the little guy’s teeth pop through soon.

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