It’s coming…Ayyam-i-Ha!

February 22, 2009 § 3 Comments

The fact that I’ve slowed down the blogging is a very good thing. I think of things I want to share all the time but I’m making myself be more selective about what I spend my time blogging about. I do wish I had more time to blog about things like: tandem nursing, living with a 2 year old and being a new mother to two kids. However, these three things I’ve listed won’t last forever and life will always be changing so I’m making some things priorities and others I’m putting in an imaginary box to return to at a later date. (I’ve entered a new Buffy obsession. I never watched the series when it was on tv so it’s all new to me- currently, I’m watching it on hulu. Pixie, it’s like we’re living parallel lives.)

I have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen making some yummy food. One could say that it’s my new addiction. One of the things I recently made in the kitchen was some hand salves and lip balms for Ayyam-i-Ha. As these celebratory days approach (sunset of March 25-sunset of March 1), we’re getting cards in the mail and presents (balms) ready to give to our in-town friends. I’m also planning on making an upside-down cake with yummy fruit we froze from the summer and some chocolate chip cookies (we never buy chocolate chips so this is a real treat).

Besides getting ready for Ayyam-i-Ha, I made some soy milk again. This time from a different recipe. It didn’t have me de-hulling the soy beans one by one so you can imagine I prefer it already. Below is a picture of the milk I made. It’s got vanilla and maple syrup. Yummy.


Since today is my friend Mic’s birthday, I wanted to do send a shoutout his way and invite you to read his new blog: Drive In ’77

Happy Ayyam-i-Ha! and to those who are going into this week knowing that the March brings the Fast, have a wonderful Fast, as well.


Doing good

February 14, 2009 § 3 Comments

It didn’t take long to get my body back in repair. I had help and drank a lot of relaxing tea. That tea blend seemed to help a bunch. Amazing. I’ve gotten myself into a little routine in the mornings of actually sitting down to drink a full cup of tea and miso, having a little oatmeal or something else warming and then starting the day.  It’s been really healing.

How do I manage it with two kids? One who is seriously teething? I tell myself that I won’t complain until I’ve had my tea. And I’m sticking to it. I was finding myself complaining a lot- though there was a lot to complain about. I’m now trying to limit the complaining. Especially the complaining that heads in bilingual papi’s ears.

Some days I get a dinner on before 5, the living room picked up and maybe some laundry or an outing. Other days I just focus on feeding us and turn my back on the amazing mess a toddler can make in just a couple of hours.

We don’t go out much with all the cold and snow and ice but we seem to manage. Bilingual baby doesn’t get bored. It’s great. She loves sorting and putting things into rows. Her little brother is teething but seems bothered by it very little- when seen with some perspective. I’ve been cooking a bunch and enjoying every minute. Made a vegan potato and vegan curried butternut squash soup yesterday…. but that doesn’t happen every week. Just a surge of energy.

Thanks everyone for your good thoughts and sweet messages. I’ll keep the blog in mind but may get distracted by life and

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