a little more about the boy: 4.5 months

January 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

It’s been pretty cold around here lately but I haven’t been out much so I haven’t noticed much. Our snow mound is growing, as is my desire to get going on the igloo. So, that’s the next project. Should be fun.

Our little boy is gearing up for some unassisted sitting. It’s pretty cool. It proably won’t happen for a bit still but he sure is working hard to get there. He’s spending a little bit of time in the baby gym but still doesn’t want to stay there for very long. No teeth yet. It sure seems like he shoulda gotten some by now- he’s been complaining a lot.

I’ve been trying to take pictures of the gorgeous smile our little boy has but he gets so interested in the camera that he comes out like a very serious guy. He’s starting to babble a bit and coo. It is his way of talking for now. Very cute. Most of the time he still spends it watching and studying his big sister.

He loves the book Kitten’s First Full Moon. It’s a good book to read to the kids at the same time. Everyone gets something out of it. Ok. Gotta feed.


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