January 9, 2009 § 1 Comment

I have such a low tolerance for babies crying. I don’t mean that if I were on a bus I’d be the lady rolling her eyes at the sound of a baby’s whimper. I mean that I have a hard time listening to my kids crying and not responding. This is a gift and a curse. It’s probably why I do EC with them and try to respond to their needs in the AP way. When they do cry and I’ve tried a bathroom break, nursing and have adjusted layers of clothing, I can then go to tactic #2. That would include teething, something that’s pinching or poking them, emotional state, and developmental milestone. If they’re still crying after those two tactics, and (this is what happens with bilingual baby these days) no consoling in the world will bring on an effect, I turn to Rescue Remedy or Vetiver to keep me calm while I try to observe their behavior to see if I should intervene.

Tricky part is when mama is too tired for any of this. You’d think I had either a ton of patience or a ton of rough days. Well, neither. I’ve got average patience and have had some rough days but not enough to say my life is all doom and gloom. I mean, today was going to be labeled “the worst day after the worst night EVER” and I still managed to have enough in me to make bilingual baby a little house made out of cardboard boxes. She wants me to install a door now.

How in the world does it work out? who knows. Who started this conversation anyway?

I like typing out thoughts when I feel like a zombie. It’s like writing when you’re on an airplane or on a train. There’s something about travel writing that I love so much.

4 o’clock. Tea time.


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  • Megan says:

    Yes I often look at you and think you just have to be a star….but I know we all have our breaking points too. Our children saddly in some ways good in others need to see that we have breaking points.
    I know what you mean about the crying and right a this time we are going through a stage which totaly stresses me out…Ara wakes up in the early hours of the night sometimes and cry’s screams with a total uncontroled not even awake mind. You can not talk to her and sometimes you can’t even hold her…very hard for parents who are not used to crying children.
    I’ve yet to find out how to get past this stage…and keep my mind.

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