I know I should be resting

January 8, 2009 § 1 Comment

but, after resting for the last couple of days and moving so slowly, I’ve noticed more and more dirt around the house. We don’t live in a big place so when it’s dirty it surrounds me. I have been resting this week because I got mastitis again. Yes. Again. My luck. Bilingual papi came up with the cause. Before going to Chicago for Christmas, he was doing bedtime with our toddler which meant that she wasn’t nursing a ton before falling asleep. She would nurse a bit before going upstairs but not much. When we were in Chicago, I did bedtime, so she was falling asleep nursing (and increasing my milk supply). When we got back home, papi went back to doing bedtime, I (with lower demand) got mastitis.

Anywho, I went into mastitis mode with the vitamin C/heat/cabbage leaves, etc, etc, and also got a friend bring by some herbs to help me heal. We actually have an herb store downtown. I really need to get over there and check it out. I mean, come on. We’ve got a co-op and an herb store. I think it’s cool.

The kids are both still teething. No sign of a tooth for baby brother yet.

Ooh. Plow guy is here. Glad I didn’t have to brave the snow to get to work. Bilingual is now asking me, “Is it done?” She doesn’t like watching the plow guy do his work anymore. She did for a couple of runs. She even sang a plow guy song. Today she had be hold her the whole time. Then, I just closed the blinds so that I could make lunch for us. After a couple of minutes I wanted to see if the plow guy was done so I lifted the blinds. She said, “turn it off”. So there you go.



§ One Response to I know I should be resting

  • QueenHoneyB says:

    Haha – that’s funny about the plow guy. Ah, if only we knew what our little ones were thinking!

    We don’t have snow plows here in Malaysia, but Svara does see the garbage truck go by sometimes, and we have annoying newspaper guys and mattress guys who come by in trucks with speakers blaring. Whenever Svara hears one coming she yells “see see!” and runs to the window or door.

    That stinks about the mastitis, I hope the rest has helped. Don’t do all your cleaning at once!

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