(sorta) snowed in

December 17, 2008 § 2 Comments

The driveway has got a ton of snow (sorry, don’t know how many inches or cms) on top of a nice thick layer of ice. After yesterdays brief visit to pick up the mail, I decided we would just find more activities to do around the house, having slipped a couple of times (not badly) and constantly tightening the grip on bilingual baby as she slipped a bit, too.

Once back home, I came to terms with the fact that I can get one task done a day. Yes, folks. That’s one thing a day. Yesterday, I vacuumed the downstairs. We don’t have a big place but the one-a-day rule still applies. I did try to vacuum the upstairs which has been getting on my nerves (I do have limits on how much dirt accumulates on the carpet) but got as far as lugging the vacuum up the stairs and leaving it there. For some reason, the vacuum doesn’t like to vacuum up there. It seems to do an okay (not great) job down here but up there… dunno. Probably have to replace some part of something.

Anywho. Today I’ll be doing laundry. (exciting post so far, huh?) I’ll start to set up in my head what clothes to bring for myself and the kids. Baby brother is a drool machine, now that he’s teething, so I end up having to change his clothes all the time. Yesterday, the count was 3 shirts.

I’m enjoying the slowing down of Winter. Being in tune with the seasons. With nature. Turning inward and finding time to reflect and make plans for Spring. Going to be early (or trying to) and waking up late (or at least coming downstairs later). I’ve got the slow core playing as the snow keeps on coming.



§ 2 Responses to (sorta) snowed in

  • Beth says:

    That good to think of only doing one thing a day, I get bogged down with a huge list of to do’s then just end up feeling overwhlemed, and frustrated I didnt get the mile long list done.

  • QueenHoneyB says:

    It’s crazy how many shirts little drooly and spit-upy babies go through. I’m finding that Svara goes through a LOT less clothes now that she’s older. Then again, part of that is because we live in a tropical climate and she’s often only in her diaper when we’re at home.
    Good idea on the one job a day thing. Makes you feel like you did -something-, but not too much to have exhausted you.

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