Used is still new to me

December 15, 2008 § 3 Comments

I love used clothes. Here’s why:

1. I don’t worry about it being organic for the kids because I know it’s been washed a ton.

2. A new item, while nice from time to time, has used recent resources. A used piece of clothing gets used many times over but only used those resources to make it once. Pretty cool.

3. There’s a bit more freedom from the concerns of whether it’s fairly traded and such.

4. Most times, if you buy used, the money goes to a good cause.

5. Sometimes you get lucky and have a friend giving away their used clothes, so they get to give you something they loved and you get to love it up until you’re ready to pass it along.

This last point brings me to our local freecycle. A woman just gave me a bunch of gently used sweaters and tops in my current size. Now I don’t have to deal with shopping (something that a fluctuating body would rather not do) and I can still wear non-pregnancy clothes (I’m desperately tired of wearing maternity clothes). Funny thing about this is that I don’t have an aversion to a larger size. I do have an aversion to buying a size I may not be wearing in a couple of months when it’s new.  A hand me down, a gift, a used purchase I seem to be just fine with. I did just buy a pair of pants at the used store but they are still too tight. Why didn’t I get the size that fit? It was part tired child, part lack of appropriate size. Bleh.

Did you really need to know all this? 😉 Sorry if you’re bored to tears now. I’ll try to make it up with an entry I’m working on about the connection between Chinese medicine and winter. I’m enjoying the reading so far.


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§ 3 Responses to Used is still new to me

  • Megan says:

    For re using clothes I’m also more relaxed when Ara wants to play…with messy stuff like paint.
    I’m terrible with new stuff I keep putting it aside and saying…oh its too good to wear today…but truly every day I’m a Mother and every day Ara is a child (growing up) but we are both messy and clothes should not put off the enjoyment…re use!

  • Beth says:

    Very good point! I have given the clothes I outgrow after each child to my teen cousin, and it is so nice to see her love and appreciate a (free!) new wardwrobe!

  • Leila says:

    Beth, thanks for commenting. I actually used to think I had misplaced articles of clothing only to later remember I had given them away. I gave a lot of stuff away to my sisters and college friends.

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