Another generation of knitters?

December 12, 2008 § 1 Comment

I have to admit here (because I don’t want to overwhelm my daughter) that I got really giddy when she started wanting to read a book called Knitting Nell.  Preview it here. She’s seen me knit before but only recently has started enjoying longer stories. One of my Chicago knitting buddies gave us Knitting Nell when I was pregnant and I have been wanting to read it with my kids but knew I’d have to wait a bit.

The time has come! Bilingual baby says something that means Knitting Nell (sounds like “nene now”) and this morning she tried to say: knits a lot. If you click on the preview of the book you’ll see that the first page of the books starts with drawings of where Nell knits. Above the last drawing it says, “She knits… a lot.”

Now, in between playing with her new train, her dolls, and other toys, she picks up my circular size 6’s and walks with her stuffed dog as she pretends to knit, just like in the book. She knits… a lot.


§ One Response to Another generation of knitters?

  • Nancy says:

    zibby pretends to knit because on her favorite cartoon, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, there is an episode where they knit. So, Zibby re-enacts it. She’ll be mashing her fingers together (or whatever implement she has handy) and then says, I love to knit, its so relaxing (just like they say on the cartoon). Its very cute.

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