My sister had her baby!

December 11, 2008 § Leave a comment

My sister had her baby last night after a very short and hard labor. Short is hard, too, you know. Anyway, this isn’t her blog so I’m not going into details about her labor. They have gone home already and are (hopefully) sleeping. They gave him a beautiful name: Julian. In Spanish you’d pronounce it: Hoo-lee-UN. I know there’s an “a” there and not a “u” but English is funny that way. Don’t worry about pronunciation. This is a time of joy! She has a beautiful baby boy at home and she can finally cozy up to him.

We’ve been on the phone everyday for the last month or so and I’ve put myself on-call for her from here on out. If you remember my entries on postpartum care, I don’t think the system is set up to really support women who have just given birth.

I could rattle on about that theme again but I’m just so happy and I want to leave this entry as is.


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