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December 1, 2008 § 1 Comment

Since it looks like the horizon holds no nap for bilingual baby today, I’m double posting. Take that, no nap day.

I wrote as my facebook status that I had bunch of projects lined up and now I’m getting asked what these projects are. Here’s a list of my current crafty projects with the status of each, in the order I wish to finish them.

2nd Recon blanket
Made of old t-shirts and a yummy bamboo sheet for the back, this blanket (or quilt) is the second of its kind on my machine. Another time banking exchange that I’m really looking forward to. So far, the owner of the t-shirts has come over and we’ve mapped out what the quilt might look like. Here’s what we ended up with after about an hour of work.

prepping 2nd t-shirt quilt

I’ve started measuring and cutting, a long process but worth it in the end.

Nursing bra and tank

I’ve become bitter by the lack of choices for someone of my body type so I’m investigating making my own. Still a project in the planning, but soon to become reality.

Mystery present

I think my mil still reads my blog so I can’t really go into detail about this yet but I’ll present you with photos and details after it’s been gifted. Sorry for the tease.

Still in the planning phases are:

Wool diaper cover

A bit of a bigger toddler-sized diaper cover. Bilingual baby’s old ones are too small now.

Wool longies for baby brother

Bears pants

Pair of pants toddler sized from one of bilingual papi’s old shirts.

Shrug for bilingual baby

Note: It’s taken me forever to finish this post. I think my little boy is going through a growth spurt. He’s nursing up a storm. Paired with no-nap-day and teething, I hope to keep my cool and get to bed early… but maybe after cutting up a couple more t-shirts.


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  • QueenHoneyB says:

    Wow, you are busy! Lots of great plans for upcoming projects too šŸ™‚ Sorry about no-nap-day. Today is miracle nap day here, Svara is going on close to four hours and still sleeping! (still getting over a flu)

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