Invention Convention: A nursing tank

November 27, 2008 § 3 Comments

Back in my school in Colombia, we had this thing called the Invention Convention. I think it was the 8th grade when you participated and when I did I made a combo shampoo/conditioner bottle. I have since found many other producers of said bottles. For a while I felt robbed. I’ll get a patent next time.

My current idea is due to my difficulty in finding a nursing bra that fits just right. Right now I’m still fluctuating in my milk production because bilingual baby’s nursing has been changing. So, I really need a bra that accepts that fluctuation. Bravado has one that does that but it doesn’t go as big as I need it. After giving birth to bilingual baby I bought a couple of nursing tanks. One from Glamourmom and another from Glamourmom’s nursing tanks are great because the elastic around your ribs is nice and snug. The downside is that the bra part is a little too snug. Their website shows that they have a new nursing tank that accepts fluctuation but the size is still not big enough. The motherwear tank I bought fit my breasts fine but the elastic at my ribs was way too loose so it didn’t actually feel supportive. I find that anything that is sized XL will fit my top but not the rest of me. I have to look in the plus-sized nursing bra area even though I’m not plus-sized. Conversly, a woman who is plus-sized but has a small chest will have the same problem.

With that as my impetus, I hope to make a nursing tank that fits me. I’ll keep you posted. I’m working on the recon blanket first. In the meantime, in the comments you can leave me tips or requests- any features I should consider.



§ 3 Responses to Invention Convention: A nursing tank

  • Megan says:

    I would have to say some friends of mine and I have also talked about this problem.
    Once we’d been breastfeeding for 2 years we were all back to our before baby weight (and for some even smaller) and are all small in frame but not in bust…you can not go small enough with a big enough cup….and going up and down up and down in weight…sigh…oh well

  • Nancy says:

    I would like decent exposures’ tank (and their regular nursing bras) IF the nursing flap was like the bravado and came all the way down. Instead there is the heinous boob-strangling inside part that I absolutely cannot cope with.

    I do have some of their regular bras, which if you were small chested, would work even for nursing, but for large chested mamas dont work while nursing so well. I do wear them if I go out without a baby. I like their fabric and construction way better than bravado, but I just cant get past the nursing opening.

  • Leila says:


    I checked out the decent exposure stuff. That’s actually what I was envisioning…. and I know what you mean with the boob strangling. I hate it!

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