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November 8, 2008 § 5 Comments

You may have noticed that I didn’t blog yesterday. Last you heard from me I let you know that I had the flu. Turns out it wasn’t the flu, it was “flu-like”. I actually got mastitis. This is a plugged duct that can become infected and when it does can be incredibly painful. My breast didn’t get infected that badly. I was in a little bit of pain but mostly I just thought I had the flu. Since Tuesday, that is. By Thursday I had seen my midwife who put me on bedrest (to avoid infection and antibiotics) and had me take echinacea, vitamic c and alternate a chilled steamed cabbage leaf and heat and lots of rest. Technically, I should be in bed but feeling better is a detriment to bed rest.

However, I am going to cut back on the blogging for a bit so that my body can get used to nursing two (among other house stuff I do). Plus, I’m not about to cancel the babywearing week stuff. It’s just not in me. I’ve had more additions to the yahoo group and more and more interest. I’ve got help, though, so I’m not doing it all on my own. It’s pretty much all done.

I did get a cool Outreach box from Babywearing Interantional with some goodies and pamphlets on babywearing safety, different styles of carriers and benefits of babywearing for postpartum depression and depression. Very cool stuff. Some I’ll take up to Bebop on Saturday and some I’ll have on hand here for the activities in town.

I thought I’d be “recovered” by now but my body is telling me otherwise. I am nursing two and probably not getting enough to eat even with three meals a day. Mastitis happens in women at all stages of postpartum, from early to late. I kept telling my midwife, “I’m not doing much” and she kept saying, “Your body gets to decide that.” I wasn’t powerhouse cleaning or taking bilingual baby to swim class, ballet and yoga all in one day. Take care postpartum, even if you think you aren’t doing much. Don’t fall prey to the voices that say you should be out and about at a certain time or having open houses for others to see your baby. You need rest and your body will be kindly reminding you.

Back to the blog. I’m passing the batton to a guest writer who will help me finish off Nablopomo, even if we have a couple of holes.

Babywearing week starts on Wednesday! Don’t miss the fun!


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