Dear pregnant women of the world,

November 2, 2008 § 1 Comment

I probably won’t be the first to tell you that you don’t need the birth horror stories you’ve been told. You need the support of a loving friend, or rather a group of friends, who know that regardless of how you were before, now you’re pregnant. Now that you’re pregnant, you may feel more open to negativity. Most people know this but don’t remember it when they’re talking to you. Tell them if you feel like it. You have every right to say something. Shout it. You’re pregnant. That’s your excuse.

When you encounter someone who you’re not sure will remember that you don’t need the negative stories regarding small children getting hurt (“…and what if it had been your baby?” they add), abuse, accidents, unfair treatment of people around the globe, etc., if you don’t want to talk to them about this topic, just walk away. You’re protecting yourself from worry right now. Later on you can join the well-meaning group of choice and rally for their safety and well-being.

Some of us are just really sensitive when pregnant and in the first couple of months after giving birth. Some aren’t. For those who aren’t, great. But help the others that are sensitive to maintain that bubble. It’s important and there are few who will do it without being asked. And remember that just because someone works in the birthing community doesn’t make them aware at all times. They make mistakes, too. They are just people.

I wish you the best pregnancy ever. Email me if you need to.



§ One Response to Dear pregnant women of the world,

  • Alexis says:

    Ditto for new moms. We’re learning and growing and figuring out what motherhood is all about. Being second-guessed and told who our babies are from the get-go by (mostly) well-meaning but misguided people can really undermine our own intuitive processes. I’m still learning how to (lovingly) tell people to back off.

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