We made it through the day!

October 27, 2008 § 3 Comments

It was my first whole day with my two babies today. We managed to stay sane today without bilingual papi. Yay! I think I was trying to prove to him (though he didn’t need it) that we would be okay. Also, M tooka nap when, in the last couple of days, he’d been awake nursing. So I decided I would cook some stuff I had meant to cook. When my in-laws were in town meeting M, we went to Cold Hollow just up the interstate and got two bags of apples. They also got us an early Christmas present: a food processor. You can put two and two together, I’m sure: Apple Sauce! I’m freezing some and offering some to bilingual baby who’s really not into eating… so we’ll have tons during the winter. The other thing I wanted to cook up were some beets from the farmers market. After spending an hour or so in the kitchen, bilingual baby requested some pasta. So, I made her pasta. I had a couple burners going at the same time and all the while M slept. It made the morning feel calm. Plus, bilingual baby just took to play and didn’t really come by the kitchen until the pasta request. I cooked up the beats and made plans for making roasted vegetables for lunch.

Since bilingual baby woke up at 6am, she walked us up to bed for a nap earlier than I had anticipated. Fine by me. The room was a little chilly so I pulled up the flannel sheet over the three of us and the two of them drifted to sleep with milk dripping down their sweet and sleepy faces. A while later, I woke up. Hey. I slept, too! Wow. I have to say that the earlier nap did the trick… but then again, things will just continue to change.

I made the roasted vegetables and daydreamed about making oatmeal milk or going back to making soy milk (this time with maple syrup). Bilingual baby played as I found myself stationed at the sofa nursing the afternoon away. Overall, not a bad start at all.

I hope I can remember this day when other days seem more challenging. It went really smooth and it calmed my fears a lot.


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