I love beets!

October 8, 2008 § 2 Comments

I wish I could coordinate my blogging time with more photos or more content. I plan on sharing some more about my labor but I don’t quite find the time to sit down and think about it… which may mean that if we don’t know each other IRL, you may never know the details. I understand if you don’t mind not knowing. I just love sharing birth stories and now that I’m not pregnant I can hear other women’s less than positive birth stories. Not that everything has to be picture perfect for a birth story to be positive but there are some real downers. Some birth stories find their way to focus on the very negative parts of the experience which, for a pregnant woman, can creep into her head and last through her own labor, prolonging it unnecessarily.

I’ve also thought of some funny things to share with you but pictures are needed and most times I don’t have the camera or I can’t get it on quick enough or I’m nursing. This last reason is reason #1 why things don’t go the way I plan them to go. Haha.

Back to the title of this post. I love beets! I’m just loving this season’s greens and roots. I can’t say enough about the beets. Many of my friends have brought me beets in these last 6 weeks and I will be forever grateful. They have been so yummy. Bilingual papi even made me this delicious soup with beets in it. His only complaint is that he was chopping for 2 hours… he sighed and said, “We need a food processor.” We’ve been saying this for a couple of years so who knows. I do feel bad for him. Chopping for 2 hours. But, man!, that soup was tasty.

Bilingual baby’s word of the week:


(She is increasing her vocabulary, both in English and in Spanish- and adding the English word where she knew the Spanish word, or vice versa. It’s pretty cool.)



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