Tomorrow it starts!

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Nablopomo starts tomorrow. Will I get a post in? Yikes. Seeing that it’s a Saturday I’d say it looks promising. Bilingual papi will be home! Yay. So, to reiterate what I’m doing for this blog every day for a month thing:

I’m writing open letters to various people, random people you may think, but there will always be a connection that will be made evident within the post. When possible, I will also email the person I’m writing to so I can be sure they get to read what I wrote. If I get any replies, I will update the post and attach their comments. Basically, every post will be in letter form.

I think that clears things up. Oh. I’ve added a link at the top of my blog (in case you’re a feed reader) where I’ll compile all the posts for the month.

Wish me luck!


How putting two babies to nap is difficult

October 29, 2008 § 1 Comment

Don’t focus on this post, if you’re wanting to have a second baby. I hesitate to write this post but I feel I need to counter the last one which made it seem all to easy. While putting bilingual baby down for a nap yesterday, I found myself taking M to pee twice (which is not uncommon for a newborn who loves to nurse) and feeling sensitive when nursing BB, which happens, too. She was tired and eventually fell asleep at 11am (early for her, though she’s been waking up at 6am so it makes sense), but leading up to that point was an hour of discomfort. I lost my cool, refused to nurse, heard myself say those stupid lines I’ve heard parents say to their kids (like: What were you thinking?) And like that, she was asleep. And I felt bad for thinking, acting and feeling the way I did. And then I got over that and chalked it up to it being my first week.

An hour and some into her nap she woke up crying, wanting to nurse. Anytime I swear I won’t nurse her again I am found to go against my fleeting thoughts. Right now is not the time to wean. Right now is not the time to wean.

Gotta got. She’s making a sculpture on a piece of paper with tape.

How I get two babies to sleep

October 28, 2008 § 2 Comments

I have a friend who also just had a second baby. Her older child is about the age of bilingual baby. Before I had M, I asked her how it was that she did naps. I was so afraid that … something would happen. I don’t even remember what. Sometimes when I’m trying to get bilingual baby down for a nap, M needs to pee so I break the latch with bb and take M to the potty. In those cases, if I don’t worry about the nap “time” and just go with the flow and what they need from me, it usually goes well. When I’m concerned about details, then it’s that much harder… on me. See, I think that how a day goes depends on my attitude.

Since I can nurse both babies at the same time I find that to be my default naptime solution. They both go on and we all fall asleep. BB is much more needy than M is right now so I try to keep her distracted if need be. It depends, though, on the circumstances, who gets their needs met first if I’m alone with them.

What happens when M is not ready to sleep and BB is? I just keep nursing both until she’s out and I can go to another room with him. There are moments during the day when both are crying but so far it hasn’t lasted very long.

At night it’s the same thing but BB needs bilingual papi to be in the room so she can slip out of bed and read books and later, when the lights are out, get a cuddle from him before she falls asleep. If he’s not in the room, she is very clear that she needs him to be there with us sitting in the rocking chair.

For those out there that are of the “nip it in the bud” mentality and “what will you do when…” way of thinking, all I have to say is that you aren’t here. Live a little, folks. These babies won’t be babies forever so don’t spend energy thinking about strategies to get your kids to start or stop things that others think they shouldn’t be doing.

Note: As I type this, BB is on the floor of the kitchen transfering applesauce from one container to the next. When the last one is empty she announces, “dirty” and puts it in the sink. I could be thinking, “she’ll never learn that you only eat out of one dish” and then what? If I had worried: “She’ll never learn that you need to wear clothes to fit into society” she might have taken longer to walk over to the potty and sit herself down to pee. Not to mention her self-esteem. Can we ever know what their need to do something is? We just assume.

We made it through the day!

October 27, 2008 § 3 Comments

It was my first whole day with my two babies today. We managed to stay sane today without bilingual papi. Yay! I think I was trying to prove to him (though he didn’t need it) that we would be okay. Also, M tooka nap when, in the last couple of days, he’d been awake nursing. So I decided I would cook some stuff I had meant to cook. When my in-laws were in town meeting M, we went to Cold Hollow just up the interstate and got two bags of apples. They also got us an early Christmas present: a food processor. You can put two and two together, I’m sure: Apple Sauce! I’m freezing some and offering some to bilingual baby who’s really not into eating… so we’ll have tons during the winter. The other thing I wanted to cook up were some beets from the farmers market. After spending an hour or so in the kitchen, bilingual baby requested some pasta. So, I made her pasta. I had a couple burners going at the same time and all the while M slept. It made the morning feel calm. Plus, bilingual baby just took to play and didn’t really come by the kitchen until the pasta request. I cooked up the beats and made plans for making roasted vegetables for lunch.

Since bilingual baby woke up at 6am, she walked us up to bed for a nap earlier than I had anticipated. Fine by me. The room was a little chilly so I pulled up the flannel sheet over the three of us and the two of them drifted to sleep with milk dripping down their sweet and sleepy faces. A while later, I woke up. Hey. I slept, too! Wow. I have to say that the earlier nap did the trick… but then again, things will just continue to change.

I made the roasted vegetables and daydreamed about making oatmeal milk or going back to making soy milk (this time with maple syrup). Bilingual baby played as I found myself stationed at the sofa nursing the afternoon away. Overall, not a bad start at all.

I hope I can remember this day when other days seem more challenging. It went really smooth and it calmed my fears a lot.

How will you stay entertained this winter?

October 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

I’m planning on making an igloo for bilingual baby and our friends this winter. Crazy? Me? Now imagine what we would do if we ended up getting a ton of snow… a crazed toddler! And who wants that? She needs her fresh air and she needs some way to blow off steam. My answer… I buy her this thing called the eskimold (silly name, if you ask me, but I’m not making money off it) and get to work when we get the first dump of snow. I promise pictures.

He’s rejoining his workplace…

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Bilingual papi goes back to work on Monday. It’s been really great to have almost two months together as a family. I have my fears about being alone with my two babies but I also look forward to getting into the swing of things. I figure my blogging will get more and more succinct… or more boring. We’ll see.

Babywearing poll

October 22, 2008 § 2 Comments

Add any comments. It’s a free country. 😉

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