Check and check!

August 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

We’re getting down to the last couple of things to do from our (once) very long list. Bilingual papi just got us train tickets for our yearly trip to Chicago for Christmas and the tall bookshelf has been refashioned into shelves for CDs to make space so this room doesn’t seem so cramped. There’s some food in the freezer and I feel like I’ve had a chance to catch up with a number of MIA friends (which also means I’m turning my phone off for a while). We went berry picking at my friends’ mom’s house and harvested some greens today which was a nice outing.

We went for a long (considering the size of our town) walk and I picked up one skein of yarn to finish one of the baby 2.0 knitting projects that had not seen the light of day in a long time. I’m still working on sewing up the blue sweater and a blanket made of left over skeins of yarn from the stash but they just sit there, so I may not finish them for a while.

I’m getting word out for the next babywearing group and trying to gather things for the LLL baby sale. Things are really starting to look clean here. It’s really nice. There is still random paper lying around the computer and sewing machine but that’s bound to happen.

What’s next? It may get quiet around the blog but do not fear, bilingual papi is here. Remember to check his new blog for the baby 2.0 announcement.


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