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August 25, 2008 § 1 Comment

parenting blog carnival

Half Pint Pixie is hosting a Blog Carnival today and I’ve joined in the fun! She’s listing all the participants on her blog. Check it out. Here’s my day:

2am (or so): Bilingual baby woke up. I don’t remember what happened. I do remember that it was early. She wanted water, the potty (ended up going 3 times before falling back asleep) and to nurse. I needed to cut her nails so the nursing was going to have to be postponed. We postponed by remembering books- rather than reading them. Bilingual papi is especially good at this, since he’s been doing bedtime lately. She kept wanting to nurse and I kept telling her I’d nurse her in the morning- which sometimes works. Not this morning, it didn’t. So, after she kept asking, I nursed her. I figure it’s nice to see that adults can be flexible, too. She got up for her last trip to the potty and I asked if she wanted to sit in the rocker with me, so we nursed there until she fell asleep.

4am: Felt a wiggly child next to me that could mean… wet diaper. So, I had bilingual papi (he’s the best!) change it. It was pretty wet! Even after the 3 trips earlier in the morning. She nursed back to sleep but wasn’t out until almost 5am.

7:50: Bilingual baby woke us up with a smile. She was happy to see that her papi wasn’t up already, getting himself ready for work. Bilingual papi went downstairs to get breakfast ready for us.

Just before 9am: Got in the car to go to our prenatal. Our midwife asked if I wanted her to check me to see how much I had progressed over the last couple of days. See, a couple of weeks ago, I had her check me and I was 75% effaced and 2 cms dilated. Since I’ve been tuning up a lot lately, I think she wanted to show me that nothing is for naught. So now I’m 80% effaced and 3 cms. The next topic of conversation was a little more directed at bilingual papi. What to do if he ends up catching baby 2.0. There’s not much to it. Mostly, breathe and communicate. Just let the placenta slink itself out and hang out until she gets there. Should be fun, I think. An unassisted birth. It’s been done. And on purpose, too. Talked about other stuff but really… I will hold back (for now).

10ish: Left prenatal for the coffee shop in celebration of bilingual papi being on paternity leave! It was nice not to have to rush back home and have him rush to work. Walked over to hardware store to get carpet cleaner. We borrowed a carpet cleaner and are gearing up to wash those carpets and put rugs over them. Not all of the carpet, just under the table so that fewer stains end up on the cream colored carpets of our rented apartment. At the hardware store, we spotted a couple of tricycles which bilingual baby played on for a while. Hey, where were we going? Nowhere. I loved every minute of it! After a while, we said goodbye to the tricycles.

11ish: Got home and had some platanitos and arepas con queso. Then, geared up for lunch. I did some knitting and headed upstairs to read my feeds.

Almost 1pm: Started trying to get bilingual baby down for a nap. She wanted books and is probably feeding off of the energy in our house with the pending labor, so she couldn’t nap. After an hour or so, needed the potty, went and then seemed really tired.

3pm: Still trying to get bilingual baby down for a nap. Bilingual papi went out to run some errands and I put her on my back and walked around the neighborhood. A couple blocks into the walk she was asleep. Kept walking just to make sure.. and to enjoy the beautiful day.

Got back home and IM’d with a friend for a while with baby on my back. The sweat dripping down my back was too much, so I transfered her to the bed. She stayed asleep so I went back to staring at the computer.

Had a much needed popsicle.

Nursed bb back to sleep and trimmed her nails. Finally!

5pm: She’s still napping. I’m still googling stuff online.

5:30: Heard her stir and cry. Nursed her and she fell back asleep. Still napping!

5:50: Bear is awake after a long nap.

6ish: Ate some dinner. Bilingual papi made this yummy eggplant dip that we put on our pasta. Bilingual baby found the fish sticks and cooked those up and had a couple.

Just before 7pm: Bilingual baby requested a bath, books and signed “bedtime”. Bilingual papi kept asking if she wanted to sleep. We just couldn’t believe she wanted to go to bed so soon after waking up from her long nap. Goes to show ya.

7ish: The two of them went upstairs and took a bath after which bilingual baby came downstairs to hang out with me for a little bit. (It’s part of her routine.) We read a couple of books and then she asked to go back upstairs with papi to read books and go to sleep.

While they were settling down, I read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth; in particular the part about prenatal testing. I’ll write more about this later but I just have to push her book again. She really knows how to write for pregnant women. In one particular paragraph, I noticed that she spends more time focusing on the positive outcomes than on the negative ones. She doesn’t lead you on to be cocky but rather informed; not worried, concerned or panicky but calm and levelheaded to process the needed information to make an informed decision.

9:30pm: Bedtime.

Thanks HPP. This was fun. Sorry if it’s boring to the rest of ya. Stay tuned for pictures and details on the Mei Tai I just made and more sewing/knitting projects I’m due to finish.


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