Sewing notes: what I’ve learned

August 22, 2008 § Leave a comment

In thinking of the projects I’ve made recently, I’ve got to say that I’d make the following changes:

1. Diaper making: I’ll be extending the waist much more. The last couple of diapers fit bilingual baby length wise but are just a tad too tight in the waist- and she is still fitting into an infant sized prefold (yeah, no joke).

2. For another Mei Tai, I think I’d like to make the shoulder straps come at more of a diagonal from the body. The ones I made have the shoulder straps coming out from the side of the body piece and I think it would be more snug if I just angled them more.

3. For another recon blanket, which I’d definitely make again, I think I’d choose a thicker batting- like this Warm & Natural cotton batting. The batting that was purchased for the project was really thin and hard to work with.

4. When working with jersey, definitely use the appropriate needle. I feel like the sewing went so smoothly just based on needle choice.


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