Recon Blanket

August 22, 2008 § 1 Comment

Here it is! Complete. It has some flaws but I hope that doesn’t deter from the nostalgia it may bring the owner. It’s being handed off today. Excited and nervous about handing it over.

It started out as a pile of t-shirts and an old queen sized fitted sheet. I got the gig from the Onion River Exchange- our community time bank. I ended up putting in nearly 6 hours. Most of the time it took wasn’t actual sewing; it was winding bobbins, changing needles, measuring, cutting and setting the batting. The sewing part probably took the least amount of time. Sewing seems like it’s all about prep. And when you have the right tools, prep can take a whole lot less time.

Next project: My sister’s Mei Tai. I’m still in the measuring and cutting phase, so there’s still time till I get to start sewing. I’ve winded one bobbin and changed the needle to a stronger one, since I’m using twill and going through a couple of layers. Baby 2.0 wouldn’t come if I’m still sewing, right? hehe



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