Would you like to make a quilt?

August 21, 2008 § Leave a comment

I would. I’ve just never tried. I’ve never known how or where to start and the whole things just sounded like a lot of effort… until I came across this post on Anyone can quilt. There you will find an in depth tutorial on how to quilt. You’ll even find explanations of sewing machine feet, great detailed photos and a sorta laid back attitude toward the quilt-making process. Basically, I feel like I’d be able to make a quilt now. I’m very excited. Especially since I’ve got small pieces of fabric left over from making diapers. They might make a pretty cute quilt… someday.

And let’s hope someday peeks its head around soon. Till then.

P.S. I’ve added a search box at the top right of the blog in case you want to look for something in particular. Also, I’ve recently been asked for nursing bra recommendations. I’ll be working on that one.

Now, I really want to get back to the recon blanket. I’m so close but it’s a stop and start sort of project- especially with bilingual baby around; though I have to admit that I know I’m lucky. I realize that I am able to sew while she’s awake and that’s pretty neat. (It gets messy in here… but I get to sew in daylight!)



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