Crafting my last days of pregnancy away

August 9, 2008 § Leave a comment

The hum of my sewing machine no longer draws me near. Rather it’s the clicky sound my knitting needles make that calls my name. (Actually, I use bamboo needles, so there’s little clicking.) I had been stashing away left over balls of yarn with no idea how I would use them later. On ocassion, I’d even buy one skein just because it was so beautiful I needed to have it come live with me. Well, with all of our purging (which takes a long time cos I can’t just throw things into the trash) I’m also wanting to do something with the yarn I have. It’s not really that much yarn and I think I can do something with it (which is what I’ve been saying for a while).

But I’ve got it in me to knit little squares and turn these squares into a blanket! That’s the idea. I’ve got this perpetual knitting stitches calendar and I’m going through it making squares. It’s kind of fun to try out these different patterns at the same time that I’m making something. So, yay me. 😉

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