August 8, 2008 § 3 Comments

You know how people ask you if you’re having a girl or a boy (and I understand it’s standard pregnant chatter) and when you say you’re gonna enjoy the surprise they go into a number of subsequent conversations. Here are my favorites:

1. Oh. I just couldn’t wait. (This leads to other conversations about preparedness.)

2. Do you have a feeling? Do you think it’s a girl or a boy? (To answer that I have to say that bilingual papi is the resident gender guesser. He was spot on with bilingual baby and with baby 2.0 has gone back and forth. I think he’ll be surprised. When I’ve answered this question with “I don’t care”, it doesn’t come off very well and I back myself into a tangle of awkward comments that I’d rather leave behind me. 😉

I do have a feeling about something else, though, but about timing. I had a feeling that bilingual baby would come after my due date and sure enough she did. From the very beginning, I’d say I was going to be pregnant into December. From the beginning of this pregnancy I’ve been saying that baby 2.0 wouldn’t want to wait till my due date.

I have a theory that baby 2.0 will make her appearance on 8/18 or 8/28 but will obviously be happy to receive her any other day, as well. I was telling this theory to a local friend who shared with me that a 65 year old family member just found out that her birthday was the day after she thought it was. Now, at 65 what do you do? What she did was just go along with the birthday that she thought she had and made little to no mention of this new information.

I don’t think I’ll be doing this to baby 2.0 but I still think it’ll happen on one of those two days. I’ve told my midwife and the friends who will be on call for bilingual baby and they’re ready, either way.

So, either 10 days till I give birth… or 20. Either way, that’s not much. The countdown continues…

Stay tuned for bilingual papi’s surprise.


§ 3 Responses to Countdown

  • Judy says:

    hmmm, the 16th is a good day. my first born was born on the 16th.

    keeping you in my thoughts.

  • susan says:

    Oh, the good ole days … we had no way of knowing ahead of time whether it was a boy or a girl! In Mexico, my friends would take a hair off my head, tie it around my wedding ring and wave it over my belly. Made them happy …

    One thing is for sure — this baby will come when the time is right.

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