Raw milk

August 3, 2008 § 1 Comment

My good friend got an internship at Rural Vermont and she was explaining raw milk (and it’s misconceptions) to me. I really am new to all of this and can’t explain more than the following: All I knew was that during pregnancy, you have to avoid unpasteurized cheeses. When I brought this up to my friend, she agreed that you should be careful when drinking raw milk; you want to know where it’s coming from but that unpasteurized milk still has the live cultures in it, which makes it easier to digest. In other words, most people who are allergic to pasteurized milk are not allergic (or have an intollerance) to raw milk.

I’m still at the beginning of my research on this. I find it fascinating! What do you know about raw milk?



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  • sueprince says:

    We have an organic dairy farm in teh Peak District in the UK. Lots of people have recently requested to buy our organic milk. We make no claims for it but it must do them good as they keep coming back for more!

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