Nursing break

July 31, 2008 § 4 Comments

I’m not quite capable of weaning bilingual baby forever- not now. I feel like she’s still so young and still in much need of this part of our relationship. Before landing in the hospital we had two days of a nursing break which I instigated. It was really hard to try to take a break a couple of months ago when I was also having some discomfort so I didn’t. I’d postpone nursing at bedtime. I’d distract. I’d tickle. I’d do anything. Anything but say No.

After our hospital stay, it felt right to nurse her again and I did. Now, a couple of days later, I need the break again. She’s taking to bilingual papi’s night time routine pretty well so we’re going for it. Although this switch has been recommended to me ever since I got pregnant, it didn’t feel right and I wasn’t about to do it just because others said I should. We’ve found something that’s working for us and still may change paths as my pregnancy comes to an end but this is what it is for now.

Although I call this a nursing break, bilingual baby still nurses. I really should call it a bedtime nursing break, cos that’s what it really looks like. I still nurse her down for a nap, which usually doesn’t take that long and I’ll nurse her if she asks during the day, which doesn’t happen often. And I will often nurse her in the middle of the night… so, where’s the break, you ask? It’s in there. Somewhere. ๐Ÿ˜‰



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