How to make maternity pants

July 11, 2008 § 2 Comments

I’m not much into a “how-to” mode, otherwise I would have taken pictures of the pants I converted into maternity pants for my sister. It really was easier than I thought it would be. I even learned something: Be more confident than your skills and you will master a new skill. How about that for a new saying? Really, though, I think I was just nervous about making a mistake (that’s a big mistake in itself) and messing up my sister’s pants that I was sorta stuck and didn’t start the pants until I had the courage to do it. Luckily, I felt a tug to finish them quickly so that my sister could have them. Otherwise, they might have sat on the ironing board for. ever.

So, without the pictures to prove it or the inspiration to take pictures along the way, I will tell you how I made the pants and see if it’s helpful to anyone. Knowing now how easy they are to make, I really think I’m gonna cut up some of my pants and make them into comfy maternity pants so I can use them postpartum.

Okay, so remember that I didn’t have the intended wearer here with me to measure, so I got measurements from her over the phone. I asked for her to measure a pair of maternity pants she already had that she liked for (her measurements are in parenthesis for reference):

1. length of the crotch to the bottom of the panel (4-5 inches)

2. length of the crotch to the hem (inseam) (30.5 inches)

3. length of the panel (11-12 inches)

With that, I started cutting away at the pants. I measured 4-5 inches from the crotch and cut a notch. From the notch, I cut a curved line up to the right and up to the left (toward the original waist band and side seam)- like a smiley face. 🙂 I then cut the rest of the original waist band off since I was going to add a full belly panel.

Then I took my stretchy fabric (I chose a cotton knit with a bit of stretch, for breathability) and measured my belly. I figured the stretchiness would be forgiving and cut a piece that went around me while I pulled the fabric a little. I figured I wanted it to be snug. Not too tight. Not too loose.

I stitched the two ends together to make a tube and then pinned the tube to the pants, right sides facing each other (so that the seam from the tube would be on the inside). When pinning I noticed that the stretchy fabric was smaller around than the pants, so I stretched it along the back (since you don’t need that much give back there anyway) and pinned the front while keeping the fabric relaxed.

At that point I realized I was done! You could add elastic to the top of the panel but the pants stay up just fine without it. Does that make sense?


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§ 2 Responses to How to make maternity pants

  • Megan says:

    I was just wondering…a pair of jeans…could you cut down the sides and add in a V?
    Man it feels like so long ago I can’t remember my shape…BIG.
    But there are just so many second hand jeans…I’d love to try out a few different ways…maybe even some for now as I yo yo up and down in weight.

  • Leila says:

    I figure you could. For jeans, you may want to add a little elastic to the top of your stretchy fabric (if that’s comfortable) so they stay up. But then again you could just fold over the fabric and be done. If the fabric is stretched over your belly tight enough, the pants won’t be going anywhere. 🙂

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