If I had an air conditioner…

July 9, 2008 § 1 Comment

I would put it in our sewing/computer room and never leave. This would be heavenly but I’d also miss my family. I just got some fabric from Joann’s yesterday and loved the air conditioning on the ride over and at the store. It’s in the high 80’s here with some massive humidity but I don’t think it’s that hot for most people. I still see people wandering around… with clothes on! How civilized of them, don’t you think?

This morning I was afraid to open the door cos I didn’t want the heat to seep in. On the other hand, I was running low on soy milk so I made some. For those who have never made soy milk before, it requires boiling.

Oh. As I write this, it has begun to rain. This could be promising. It could mean that I can leave the windows open in this room and hang out in here this afternoon (and sew, obviously). It could also mean more humidity and no cooling off.

Does anyone have any ideas for where I could get my hands on big glass jars? I want to make some sun tea but our pitcher broke and I’m trying to figure out another way of acquiring a jar/pitcher without buying one new.

Still pregnant. At about 33 weeks, maybe?



§ One Response to If I had an air conditioner…

  • Erin says:

    I’ve been jumping at the opportunity to drive around in the car just to feel the a/c blast on my face! It’s miserable here this week too–I feel your pain. Why DO people wear clothes? 🙂 Hope you’re all keeping as cool as possible, drinking lots of water and having some fun in the new kiddie pool!

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