I got a kiddie pool! and other wonderful adventures

July 7, 2008 § Leave a comment

I’m getting myself addicted to reconstructing the old into the new. It makes me feel good to refashion old clothes but even more so it makes me feel good to use what we have. It’s the economic depression the U.S. is in right now. What’s cool is that there are many people who are making the old fashionable much like women used to do during the depression. Well, I don’t think we’re far off there.

So, over the weekend, I made bilingual papi a bag for his gym clothes. I kept seeing him using a plastic grocery bag (and we’ve stopped using them almost entirely for groceries) every day. Every day unloading sweaty gym clothes into the laundry pile… but where did the plastic bag go, you ask? So, in my endless online search (this is enjoyment to me!) for ways to refashion old clothes, I went looking for a tutorial for a cloth bag fashioned after the plastic bags from the supermarket. Here’s the tutorial– it’s a good one, too. And that’s how I made bilingual papi his new bag- which, I understand, he’s using today! Yippee! Two-in-one! I enjoyed making it and he’ll actually use it! What more of a “thanks” could I get than to see it used. Check out my flickr page for a photo of the bag.

Another project on the sewing horizon is to convert regular pants into maternity pants for my sister. I’m excited about this project and am sad I didn’t figure out how to do this earlier in my pregnancy. I’m actually all set for clothes for this pregnancy and I really want to focus on “after” baby, which includes making nursing wear that I’ll actually wear and feel good in. Anywho. I bought all the materials to make these pants new so it’s not quite a refashion from used clothes but I really want to make these pants for her. Plus, what could feel better than to make something for someone when they really need it.

I’m set for maternity clothes for this pregnancy and post-partum, though I may just convert some of my favorite pants into post-partum pants (cutting the waist and inserting a stretchy panel) but other than that I’m good. On another note, a friend of mine drove me over to the hardware store to buy a kiddie pool. Oh. my. stars. It felt sooo good to get into the icy cold water today. Bilingual baby seemed to enjoy it, too. She used her tennis shoes to collect water and pour it over the two of us. Yum. It especially felt good since we had just been doing some gardening with this friend of ours. The water’s still in there and I’m going to suggest that we leave it there… indefinitely. In the meantime, I need to find out if it would be unseemly to live in a swimming suit for the rest of the summer. No need to dirty other clothes, right? šŸ˜‰


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