Being thankful in the heat of July

July 5, 2008 § Leave a comment

I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been quite the complainy complainerton so I’m deciding to change my tune for these last couple of months- or at least try! So, here’s a list of things I’m very thankful for today:

1. My midwife suggested a 7 minute shower (or bath) to keep the annoying Braxton Hicks from waking me up at night… and it works! I’ve been getting better sleep. Yay!

2. The second hand baby/maternity store in town where I found 2 brand new cloth diapers for $4 each (a true steal!), cool and comfy pants for my sister who’s also expecting and a top for myself that I want to copy with some changes.

3. The creative gene passed along to me from my parents- both my parents can sew and my dad’s aunts and uncles were all in the sewing business.

4. A wiggly baby who reminds me that she’s there and excited to come out and see the world!

5. A cuddly toddler who thinks it’s hilarious to call her mama by first name; point at herself and say she’s “zack” (her uncle) and have a stuffed monkey play the guitar.

I’m also thinking of some New Baby Resolutions to start when I give birth to this baby. I can feel the change happening now! And it feels good.



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