It’s hot… I’m pregnant

June 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

I just can’t wait until it’s warm and snuggly weather. Even though we’re not getting super high temps, we do get some muggy air coming through, which is felt more by the pregnant women in our community. I’m ready to get rid of these pregnant clothes (I’ve got some friends that may surprise me with a second pregnancy) and bring back clothes that are meant for one person (not one + growing baby). I am very excited to meet this little one growing inside of me and see what all the kicking and punching is all about. Is this tender herb going to rock our worlds? Most likely. It’s not that I’m eager to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes; I actually don’t know how much I’ll use them. Living here in Vermont, I’ll come off as one of the state legislation workers or someone from Montreal (which might be cool if my French were better). Most of my pre-pregnancy clothes are for work, though I haven’t looked at them since 2005.

Now that’s a wild though. I have only been using maternity clothes since 2005. Y’know. You’re postpartum and you know you’ll feel more comfortable in maternity clothes… months go on and you still don’t want to buy anything because you figure your body is changing so much, why bother? Anyway. I’m not gonna go on with this thought because I’m enjoying this pregnancy and want to be in it and not day dream about a time when I’m not in it- I’ll do that another day. 😉

I do like warm and snuggly weather, though. And now with the sticky days we’re having I can’t stand much cuddling… especially by my heater-husband. Poor guy. If he wants to get close, he has to conform to a 2-second rule. Remember, it feels hotter in my body than it does in everyone else’s- unless they’re also in their third trimester. Talk about poor planning. Ha!

I made one of my last purchases at the store I work at, as I’m quitting at the end of July. It’s this cute top by chiara kruza. It’s a chic maternity top that, for my use, will turn into a nursing top once the baby is born.

Enough rambling. I’ve gotta go feed my two growing babies. More news on our purging project for room #2 coming soon. (Bilingual papi moved two of the bookshelves downstairs this weekend… it’s happening.)

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