New diaper

June 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

The fabric for this diaper (they really are chili peppers) was given to me by my mum who was purging some of her scraps. The inside is the same fabric I used on the other red diaper (with the flannel on the inside). You may notice that the thread for each side coordinates with that side. So, on the inside is the red (bobbin) thread and on the outside is an orange (spool) thread. This may sound nerdy, but I’m thrilled I figured this out.

I’m thinking that the diapers I’ve just made should be sized as small/newborn. But I don’t know how long they would fit a newborn so I can’t really give a range. However, now that I’ve got a kid, I know that the sizes on diapers and clothes mean very little. You usually figure out what size works for your kid and go with it. I did, however, put some 9 month shorts on bilingual baby (without a diaper on) and as she walked they were falling off. Lucky for her, her grandma sends her shorts and pants with those nifty adjustable waists so they fit her lengthwise and we can put them on her with or without a diaper. Otherwise, she ends up wearing 3-6 month pants that look like high waters. hehe

Made more yoghurt last night. Stop buying store yoghurt and make your own. It’s really soooo tasty!!


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