pregnancy update, braxton-hicks and 2 more months of it

June 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

I have to say nothing could have prepared me for the nights I’ve been having. Yowza! Last night, for instance, I woke up to help bilingual baby get to the toilet and then back to sleep only to find that my body was not going to go to sleep. For the following two hours I got to enjoy nature at its best and brightest. Braxton-Hicks? Yeah. Times ten. Well, not really painful-times-ten, but rather annoying. It’s like your growing belly all of a sudden resembles the cast iron skillet you cook in every day. Plus, other discomforts I’m not comfortable sharing here.

I didn’t have Braxton-Hicks last time! (can you hear me whine!?!)

So, I called my midwife (who we’re seeing again on Monday) to get the “it’s totally normal” assurance. And that’s what I got. She said it’s my second-time-around-pregnant-body doing its version of Braxton Hicks. She remembers her second pregnancy went similar to mine. Tons of these uncomfortable B-H for more than 2 months and then in the last couple of weeks getting them. All. The. Time.

Well, I’ve got more sleepless nights to come… and then I’ll have a baby and more sleepless nights. It’s fun to be a parent. We get our new bed(s) in two weeks! I’m thinking two twins (pushed together like a king) may not be enough. Bilingual papi needs a futon on the floor to sleep on… no joke. He usually ends up on the floor anyway. Might as well make it a tad more comfortable. Such a trooper.

I’m lucky he hasn’t requested a separate bed for our little bear. A return to two in a bed- one being him. Thanks bilingual papi.


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