Will AMA make homebirth go underground?

June 21, 2008 § Leave a comment

You may have already read/heard of the recent decree the AMA put out recently. What they think they’re going to get out of it is a control over where women can birth their babies. Namely, not at home. Not with a lay midwife (and that includes the Certified Professional Midwife; all of these women are trained, by the way, just not the way the AMA and ACOG would like). Not taking away business for OBs.

But, because I’m in my 3rd trimester (entering week 30/31 right about now) all I can do is relay my very. heavy. sigh. of disappointment. [heavy sigh]

I have many rhetorical questions but I don’t feel like even typing them. I don’t even feel like giving the AMA space on my blog… but, I do. Awareness. Awareness. Awareness. And apparently the AMA is blaming Ricki Lake and her documentary for making homebirth “trendy”. Big laugh, everyone.

Here are a couple of links to things on this topic, from better writers than me:

Response in Huffington Post by Ricki Lake, Jennifer Block and Abby Epstein

Rachel Walden, Medical Librarian

Jennifer Block’s blog with two thoughtful responses (she’s posting more responses to this thing so keep checking back with her)


On a more personal note, a new friend of mine, who’s been to Sweden a couple of times said that Swedish pregnant women have a midwife and an OB assigned to them (universal healthcare) but don’t see the OB unless something comes up- and it usually doesn’t. Majority of women birth at home or in birth centers and have great outcomes. When asked, few of them have ever known another woman who has known the gender of the baby before the birth- they don’t do routine ultrasound.

I’m still unashamed about saying that the current US medical system is easily swayed by money. If women wanted to birth in the woods and that made OBs (and the mega medical team) money, they’d get rid of hospitals and become bush doctors. (Laugh along)


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