Where did my 2nd trimester go!

June 18, 2008 § 3 Comments

Somehow I don’t recall much from my second trimester. That’s both good and bad. I can’t seem to remember feeling energetic this time around. My second trimester I think I kept moaning that the pregnancy was taking forever. Plus, yes, as most have asked, I do have a toddler. As much as she’s active and all I don’t run around after her the way you see it in commercials and movies. She’s just not that kind of kid. Also, I don’t have a bunch of off-limits things lying around that I have to pull her away from. She can get up and down from chairs and is pretty content being at the kitchen counter while I cook or clean up. The most I end up doing is getting her food. She likes to open the refrigerator when she’s hungry but still needs assistance putting together a meal (obviously).

I know I’m one of the lucky ones. I can sit at the table, while she’s focused on some activity, and cut out a pattern. I can also knit- so long as I’m available to her if she needs me. I can sew for a short amount of time but can’t be on the computer. My google baby is just way too interested in the keyboard, and I’m not interested in replacing it. A “no” is not appropriate, in my opinion, because it’s just too enticing. Plus, she’ll get her computer time when she’s older.

I’m almost 30 weeks pregnant and am looking forward to my birthing day. During our latest prenatal, it occurred to me that bilingual baby could potentially be asleep during my labor. Think about it. I could go into labor after putting her to bed (which I’ve heard can be common- your body says it’s a green light and you go), have my body contract for a handful of hours (this may be a quickie) and push out baby 2.0 before bilingual baby even wakes up the next morning. In any case, I’ve asked my two closest friends to be on-call for bilingual baby just in case I labor during the day. They know her well enough they’d be able to follow her lead and keep her nearby if she wanted or go outside to let her play if that be her fancy.

I also got my glucose test back and we’re good to go. Everything is well within normal. Thank you, normal pregnancy. This means I’m still on track for a home birth! Just two and a half more months (more or less) to go.


§ 3 Responses to Where did my 2nd trimester go!

  • Nancy says:

    It was all part of my birth “plan” for zibby to be asleep, I visualized it plenty. And, thats how it worked out 🙂 She woke up just in time to come see Henry’s head coming out! Then she went in the other room, I pushed Henry out, she came back in. It *was* nice to have someone there to be with her after the birth for a while-lots to do right after! Then we all took a nap together. H was born at 3:41 am after 3 very short intense hours. 🙂 my advise-visualize, visualize, intuit.

  • Isil says:

    Great that your pregnancy is going well.I hated that glucose test,too much sugary for me!

  • susan says:

    My daughter-in-law is at 30 weeks too. She craves protein and has decided baby number 2 is in a growth spurt. I’ve been attending Bradley classes with her and love seeing all those big bellies (most are expecting their first – so my daughter-in-law is the voice of experience). Be sure to let us know when bilingual baby starts putting together her own lunch!

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