Now that I’m home

June 15, 2008 § Leave a comment

I just want to knit and sew and purge. I’ve got projects that I’d love to get done before baby 2.0 arrives. One of our projects is to clean out our book collection. We did a big purge when we arrived in VT almost a year ago and we’re ready for the next level of purging. It feels really great. Though I have to say that I’d love to move the project along cos sitting in a room with books all over the floor isn’t my idea of a purge we’ll have to take the time it takes to move all these books to new homes. Some of the books will go to Norwich University’s library, some to be sold at one of the local bookstores and the rest given away to friends and/or just given away. (Here in town it’s customary to see boxes of things sitting on the sidewalk with a FREE sign. That’ll be the fate of some of these books.)

As much as it’s beginning to feel go to get rid of these books there are other projects I need to focus on as well. We’re going to be reorganizing this room (opposed to our bedroom) so that there’s room for bilingual papi and baby to sleep if baby 2.0 and I need more space. Bilingual baby isn’t moving into her own room yet… not until she’s ready. Until then, this second room needs more “pruning”. On my to-do list is to consolidate my sewing stuff so that the table all of it is on can also become the computer desk. Tall order but we’re up for it. That means I have to finish all these projects I’ve started (or most of them) in order to get the table cleared off.

Here’s a pair of pants I’ve had in the works… just finished this morning. I’m calling them toddler dancer pants, for all the dancers out there that love wearing dance clothes even when not on stage or in the dance studio (like me).

They’re made of a poly velour so you can wash them easily. They fit bilingual baby in the waist (elastic is 15″) and I still need to decide if I want to hem them or leave them with their natural curled hem. I also need to decide if I want to keep them for bilingual baby or sell them on etsy… but that’s another project.



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