In the kitchen

June 13, 2008 § 3 Comments

The last couple of days I’ve been looking online for how to make soy milk. It seemed like it would be easy and pretty cost effective. Plus, bilingual baby loves having tasks in the kitchen. Enter my soy milk making attempt. It actually worked well; I decided not to de-bean the flavor so it’s really beany but I don’t mind it. A byproduct of the soy milk making process is the “meat” of the soy bean, also known as “okara”, can also be used. This part of the soy milk making process I didn’t anticipate but readily welcomed using the entire bean. So, I did another search online for recipes with okara. One of the things I read was that using okara makes whatever you’re making turn out nice and moist and since it has no flavor it absorbs the other flavors in the recipe.

I found a blog entirely of okara recipes called Okara Mountain. There I found a recipe for apple bars and made them the same day I made the soy milk. It turned out really nice for my tastes. I omitted some of the sugar since I knew bilingual baby would be enjoying this treat, too, but with the applesauce and some sugar it turned out just right.

I have to say that de-hulling the soy beans takes a long time. Bilingual baby helped but regardless it was a long process. It did feel a bit like knitting. So calming. So zen.

I’m going to go enjoy another apple bar with some soy milk before bed. Yum.



§ 3 Responses to In the kitchen

  • lacey says:

    I’ve never attempted making soy milk before, but I know you can make soy milk from soy flour. You can get soy flour at whole foods, possibly even in the buy-by-the-lb section. You can definitely get soy flour by Bob’s Red Mill or whatever it’s called (too lazy to check). Let me know if you try that method, as well!

    Personally, I think “they” should just start selling soy milk by the gallon. It’s so irritating to go through all those little boxes.

  • Leila says:

    I’ll give it a go after I finish off the huge bag of soy beans I just bought. I think I’m going to try to de-bean the milk and maybe use a different cheese cloth. The one I used this time let a lot through… cough, cough.

  • Joan Penfold says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy Okara in South Africa. It makes an excellent gluten free fibre. Health Connection Wholefoods used to sell it, but say they can no longer obtain it.

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